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Learn To Speak Arabic Quickly

Arabic is a very complicated language. It's beautiful to learn and speak it. With its twisted pronunciation and harmony in syllables, this language can be said to be one of the favorites among the multi-linguists. Also, Arabic is the language

Islamic Stories for Kids

The holy book of Quran contains many short stories with morals, which are very interesting and teaches valuable lessons to children; when we say Online Islamic Stories for Kids, we mean one-on-one sessions between a child and teacher or tutor

Learn Quran Online With Tajweed

Tajweed is composed of rules for proper recitation and pronunciation of the Quran. When the word Tajweed being used with the Quran, it gives each letter of the Holy Book its rights and significance of its characteristics. It is the

Quran Word By Word

In the initial stage, beginners should try to understand the exact Islamic message that Quran delivers. There is a need to know its principles, values, and rules. The main aim of Islamic education is to bring justice, moral values, and

Teaching Quran for kids

Teaching Quran for kids is now a day’s one of the most critical tasks. With the growing demand for professional courses, children are more inclined towards their studies. Secondly, parents are busy either to guide or to teach them. Therefore

Arabic letters and words for kids

Young learners have a high level of excitement to learn a new language. It is essential for tutors and trainers to make their learning attractive and full of joy. The course of learning Arabic letters and words for kids is

Skype Quran Classes

You know yourself better when you know your religion. It is our religion that helps us to understand humanity. Somewhere our busy and hectic lifestyle acts as a hindrance in our way. Sometimes we lack a proper resource like an

Learn Arabic Language

The Arabic language is the 5th most spoken language in the world. It is the official language of the 22 nations in Arab League. Learn Arabic Language is the universal language of Islamic countries in the world. The Holy Book of

Learn Arabic Online

Nowadays people can Learn Arabic Online Free as a beginner through an online platform. Therefore, many websites are there to help to learn this language. Websites are updated, and the tutorials are quite knowledgeable. So, people can learn to read and

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