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Ans: No, there are no age barriers. Learning Quran is like being closer to Allah and his teachings. Our academy is happy to teach our course at any age. As said, “there is no age for learning.” Our tutors make sure that they have the same treatment for everybody whether they are children or adults.

Ans. Yes, there are female tutors who take up the classes for female students. Our academy respects the privacy of a woman, and we aim to give a comfortable environment, especially for our woman clients. In case you wish to choose among the woman tutors, you can browse their profiles on our website.

Ans. To begin with our online classes, the requirements are very simple. Firstly, you need a laptop/Desktop, or even a tablet will do. Since the classes are online, you need high-speed Internet or a Broadband cable to take up the live classes. You should also have speakers and a good quality microphone so that you can listen to your classes carefully. You will then need a Skype ID so that you can log in to our program. Lastly, you must have the meeting software, so that screen sharing is possible.

Ans. Yes, a discount structure is available for people who come from the same family. If two or more two people join from the same family, then a specific discount is available. The discount can be availed by providing valid ID proof. For more information on discounts, you can write an email to us. In case of reference, we do offer special discounts where the referee can get additional benefits. 

Ans. No, you will have to go through the normal channel only, i.e. by the academy. You can get information about the tutor and his/her complete profile, which will include their expertise and experience. It shall also include their qualification details and any certifications they had in the past.

Ans. The classes have fixed timing. Once you have chosen your preferred timing, it shall continue till the classes ends. The timing cannot be changed every day as it affects the availability of the tutor too. In case you cancel the class on your own, the academy will deduct that many hours from the total, and the class will be considered done.

Ans. Yes, we do award a certificate, once the course is completed. We make sure that when students pass out, then they can earn more opportunities using this certificate. The certificate will have to be downloaded from an online platform only. The student will also have to pay a very nominal fee to get the certificate. It might take a week to get the certificate. In case you want a hard copy of the certificate, you will also have to pay the shipping cost.

Ans. We prefer not to put many students in a class so that every student can get personal attention. With fewer students, the time for problem discussion would be more. The query-solving sessions can be more significant. Also, the tutor would get adequate time to settle a discussion in detail. A maximum of 3 people is there in a class. It also depends on Internet connectivity.

Ans. Yes, we have an attendance system. There are instances when students are absent regularly. In such a case, we do not allow the students to take up the class where they left; Instead, they will have to start from the beginning. Also, if the student leaves in between, no refund shall be provided by the academy.

Ans. We understand that the time of our students is important. Since we have candidates that might be working professionals or part-timers, we request the candidate to mail his/her availability. The email should be sent to the academy’s official email ID with proper details such as the days and hours that suit the candidate. After this, the tutors are contacted that are available at that timing and the session begins. If the timing for student and tutor does not match, then the academy sends the timings of the available tutors. If the student is comfortable with any of the suggested options, he/she can confirm it in an email.

Ans. Yes, the fee has to be paid in a single attempt. There are no exemptions for anybody.

Ans. Our academy will send the details of the tuition fee and bank details over an email. The student will have to submit the fee within a week’s time so that he can book a seat for himself at his preferred time. In case, another person has requested for the same slot, and your fees are unpaid then you will be sent a notification once. If your fee is still not paid, then it shall be allotted to another interested candidate.

Ans. One single course can have a minimum of 16 hours and a maximum of 24 hours. A single course can opt for 24 hours if the student is highly interested to read the basics of Quran in a much-detailed manner. As per our experience, 16 hours is more than enough to complete the classes in good depth. All the chapters and verses are covered with complete information.

Ans. Yes, the material is absolutely the same as it is in any other classroom. In case a student has a book of his/her choice, then we can consider that too. The tutors are experienced enough to share their own knowledge with the help of some exclusive books available for the Quran. The material is crafted very specifically so that students can read all the important verses. The material is provided once the student has signed up for the classes and selected his/her timing and tutor.

Yes, you can select the teacher of your choice. We share the profile of all the tutors available. A student can go through the profile carefully and select the one that matches his/her requirement. Again, the timing of your teacher and you should match. In case, the tutor is not available for the slots you have selected; you can do two things. Either you can select another tutor, or you can simply select the slot at which your preferred teacher is available. Also, if the teacher you selected did not meet your expectation, then you can change the tutor even in the mid of the session.

Ans. Yes, we do conduct an online exam before giving out the certifications. These exams are conducted online where the paper consists of sections on reading, writing, and speaking. The exam is of 1 hour, and the student can appear for it as per their timing. They cannot exit the exam in between, and if they do so, they will have to appear again. Only once you qualify, you shall be awarded a certification.

Ans. The certificate that the candidate receives from the academy certifies that the candidate has attended the course with our academy and is now capable of speaking, reading and writing Quran. This certificate can be of great value. The candidate can become a teacher in a university, or work as a translator. The best option is that the candidate can join the academy as a tutor too. The certification is affiliated with Egypt ministry of Education.

Ans. No, you can directly join the academy. You don’t have to be an expert on any subject or have a basic prior knowledge of Quran. This education is not restricted to any age or qualification at all as we want everybody to learn the preaching’s of Quran and communicate the message of Allah among his followers.

Ans. Generally, all the classes are taught in English. Since English is the second most spoken language, and we have candidates from all over the world, we prefer teaching classes in English. Though our experts might know other languages too, it is not the mainstream language.