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Arabic is famous for its ancient history and its complexity. But it is also one of most spoken languages in the world. With the Middle Eastern countries making waves in many markets including the foreign exchange, it is not surprising that many people are rushing to add the knowledge of Arabic in their resumes. Most people prefer to learn Modern Arabic as a foreign language. Likewise, it is the official language of all Arab countries. However, those who go for the classical Arabic choose it mostly for religious reasons. But besides these primary two, there are other variations such as the Egyptian Arabic. But regardless of the language or the variety, the universal aspect is the importance of grammar. This course by Arabic Tutor Online centered on the syntax of Modern Standard Arabic and its use in sentence formation.

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The theme of the course

Arabic Tutor Online aimed at helping the students to learn the nuances of Arabic and read and speak the language fluently and correctly. Regardless whether the student is at a fundamental level or already crossed the intermediate level, we provide courses for everyone. We also give guidance on the evolution of the language and ensure that the student can make presentations in Arabic with competent reading, writing and speaking skills at an advanced level. Therefore, teaching Arabic for beginners also make it easier for those with a basic knowledge of the language to read regular texts. Such as that of the newspapers and books, and thus earn a certificate in both, intermediate and advanced Arabic education.

Variations of Arabic and learning them

Arabic is an ancient language, which has seen the pages of history filled with a lot of events, emotions, and influences. And thus, it has evolved into Classical Quranic Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. Besides these two major categories, there are also some variations from nation to nation and region to region.

Since Modern Standard Arabic is the language of most electronic media journalism, businesses, and more. It is not surprising that most people who take up this course are students of various specializations. Therefore, accomplished people who are looking to either add weight to their resumes or to broaden their scope in business in the Arab countries. However, that does not mean that younger kids or those who wish to learn the language cannot take up this course.

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We have trained free Arabic tutor who can fulfill your needs by guiding you through a personalized curriculum. Furthermore, you can select your degree of learning according to prior knowledge as beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Whether you speak English in Egypt or whether you are an intermediate level student at Modern Arabic. A course in Modern Standard Arabic will help you find common ground in the Arab country with the natives.

However, if you are interested in one particular language and wish to master one variation only, such as Egyptian Arabic, you should take that up directly and go ahead with it. So, this recommended for those who are all set to going to one particular country in the Middle East for business or similar reasons.

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Requirements for taking an Arabic tutor skype course

The conditions change with the class, but you certainly need a computer, mobile or laptop with mobile Internet and Skype connection. For the primary level, knowledge of English required. For intermediate and advanced levels, an assessment will be taken by the teacher to discern your depth of knowledge. You may select your time slot as you see fit. There is no compulsion in hurrying up the course, and you can learn at your own pace.

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