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The Uniqueness of Online Learning

Al-Azhar Classes

Al-Azhar Classes is an Islamic educational website which is dedicated to teaching Quran, Tajweed, Arabic language and Islamic studies to non-Arab Muslims. Moreover, Arabic learning apps and reverts all over the world through online courses. Al-Azhar Classes is the most trusted and reliable Quran Academy online. Therefore, providing Quran mentoring everywhere throughout the world on the internet. Since 971CE/359AH. It isn’t only a home Quran Academy. Therefore, we have a significant number of fulfilled students in several nations. Moreover, innovative office giving continuous network access and very much qualified and master Quran guides. Superb programming is utilized to have great voice necessities to begin Quran with our Al-Azhar Quran Teaching foundation. The courses are taught by some well qualified and competent teachers who are graduated from al-Azhar University. Furthermore, which is one of the most ancient universities in the whole world? Hence Al-Azhar University is considered as an extension of Al-Azhar Mosque which was established in Egypt in 971CE/ 359AH. Al-Azhar Classes presents online educational courses for both kids and adults. So that some of our online courses, Arabic learning apps are entirely free while other classes are paid according to different plans. Al-Azhar Classes is an association devoted to developing more noteworthy comprehension of Islam with a specific end goal. Moreover, to set up our shared traits and fabricate more grounded connections. Likely we are submitted, using our Mission, our Vision, and our Approach, to a coordinated, grateful society. We have been furnishing non-Muslims and Muslims alike with a variety of chances to take in more about Islam. After that, we trust in the communitarian endeavors that energize more prominent sympathy and compassion between all groups.

Purpose Of Teaching Islamic Education

The primary goal of Islamic training is to create and advance the right character. Concentrates in Islamic instruction have built up that showing great conduct is a critical segment which upgrades the advancement of individual potential in a comprehensive, adjusted and coordinated way, incorporating the savvy person, profound, and physical angles. The fundamental reason for Quran School is to show Muslims how to discuss the book of Allah (SWT) which is the reason it gives course to peruse Quran on the web, remember Quran on the web, and online Arabic classes alongside Quran Reading with Tajweed. Since its origin, Quran School has been furnishing one on one sessions with live Quran educators for understudies who wish to take in the Quran.

Our Mission

Al-Azhar Classes seeks to introduce Islam to new reverts through educational courses, and help them, and non-Arab Muslims learn everything they need to be committed and good Muslims, Thus our primary mission is as follows: – To offer distinctive and unique Islamic educational system regarding all elements of a very successful educational process. Therefore, we introduce a high-quality curriculum, well-qualified teachers, and effective instructional methods. –After that to provide a model of modern, integrated and interactive distance learning.

Our Teachers:

The teacher’s of-Azhar Classes are well qualified and competent. As they were graduated from Al-Zahar University which is the most significant Islamic university in the Islamic world. Therefore, all our Quran and Tajweed teachers are authenticated and having Ijaza for teaching Quran and Tajweed. Our Arabic teachers are native speakers of Arabic and can teach classical and colloquial Arabic as well. Moreover, we ask Allah the Almighty to accept our efforts to teach the Noble Quran, Tajweed, Arabic language and Islamic studies to non-Arab Muslims. It reverts all over the world. Through online courses to get closer to Allah. May all our work and every word we utter grant us Allah’s pleasure. Therefore, make us worthy to attain the most blessed reward of Jannah. Ameen.

Our Teachers:

Services Served By Al-Azhar Quran Teaching

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching tries to acquaint Islam with new returns through instructive courses, and help them, and non-Arab Muslims master all that they should be submitted and great Muslims. In this manner our essential mission is as per the following:
  • We present astounding educational modules, all around qualified educators, and viable instructional strategies.
  •  Moreover, to give a model of present day, coordinated and creative separation learning.

Why Choose Us For Islamic Teaching?

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching presents online teaching courses for the two children and grown-ups. Moreover, many online courses are entirely free while various plans pay different classes.

Our Talented Staff Of Teachers

The instructors of Al-Azhar Classes  are very much qualified and skillful. As they graduated from  Al-Azhar  University. Which is the enormous Islamic college in the Islamic world. Therefore, all our Quran and Tajweed educators are confirmed and having Ijaza for showing Quran and Tajweed. Similarly, our Arabic educators are local speakers of Arabic and can show established and everyday Arabic also. We request that Allah the Almighty acknowledge. Moreover, our endeavors to educate the Noble Quran, Tajweed, Arabic dialect and Islamic investigations to non-Arab Muslims and returns everywhere throughout the world. Through online courses to get nearer to Allah. May all our work and each word we articulate give us. Allah’s pleasure and make us qualified. Moreover to achieve the most important reward of Jannah. Ameen. Therefore, the school likewise gives lingual investigations. For example, Arabic online classes and online Quran perusing with tajweed courses under the direction of very instructed. Moreover, the master online Quran educators in straightforwardly intuitive. One on one Quran classes that are sufficiently adaptable. Therefore, that many students including kids and the regular workers can have them planned by their timings and days.

Our Methodology

Joining established strategies for instructing with present-day innovation is an essential part of our technique. Therefore, it conveys our Islamic scholarly custom by utilizing bleeding edge traditions. We offer subjects that are applicable. Moreover, our group of specialists plans and build up every last course to the moment detail. After that take the instructive and scholarly needs of the overall Muslim people group indeed. Thus, our attention to detail.


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