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Arabic is ranked among the top six languages. It is used as the language of the holy book Quran and also an expression of Muslim. There are many Arabic dialects, and it varies from one country to another country. The most common dialects are

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Classical dialect- the standard dialect is the most commonly used dialect of Mecca which is called Saudi Arabia recently. It is also known to be the language of the Quran.

●    Modern Standard Arabic- Modern standard Arabic is the adapted version of a standard dialect. It is used in radio, television, newspaper, books, mosque, international conferences, and conversation between Arabs of different countries who are educated.

●    Local dialect- The local dialect is different in different countries, and it may be difficult to understand an Iraqi by the Moroccan though they speak the same language.

arabic for beginners The Berbers of North America used varieties of Amazigh and parts of Iraq and Syria speaks Kurdish. There are many institutions which are offering Arabic language training course. Learning a new language takes a lot of patience and hard work. Some language is natural whereas some language is tough.

Whatever language you learn it is always recommended to start with the basics. Many students try to learn fast. Primary is the central core of the language it helps to understand the language and master it. At first, it may be irritating and frustrating, but as you proceed, it will help you to learn faster.

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The Theme of the Course

The best faculties with a Muslim background and those who have the best knowledge about the language are provided so that the students can understand the language correctly especially the basics. The topics are arranged in a logical format so that the learning process becomes smooth and the students do not get frustrated or lost interest in the middle of the course. The hard copy and the soft copy of the notes is provided to the students through the mail or uploaded in the institution’s websites.

The Arabic learning course offers courses on Modern Standard Arabic and Quranic Arabic at all levels from beginners to advanced level. It covers all the topics which are required by the beginner to learn at a reasonable cost. It also offers training to the non-native students who are not residing in the country and even for the working students online through its websites. Smart classes are also conducted.

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Course Description

The students who are interested in this course can register themselves online or can apply by filling up the application form. A limited registration fee is required, and then the entire course fee can be paid by the students through installments or on a monthly basis. The course varies depending on the level you choose. The course can be for six months, one year or 3 years. The certificate is provided to the students after completing the course. At first, the course starts with the basic introduction to Arabic language and then it proceeds to the advanced level.

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Who Can Apply for the Course?

The Arabic language course can be adopted by anyone who has an interest in learning the language. It is universally open to all. It is not that the person who belongs to the Muslim community can apply for the course. The criteria includes passed 10+2 level or any equivalent examination from any recognized institutions — the person who has knowledge of Arabic and wants to understand the language if a person wants to brush up the necessary skills before learning the grammar if a person who wants to business abroad in Arabic country can learn Arabic if a person wants to polish up the grammatical errors.

●    It is an essential course for beginners also if a person wants to learn Arabic to adopt a career in this language as a translator, writer, etc.

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For Children

The Arabic language course is also available for the children. Special attention is given to the children by the faculties. Innovative ideas are adopted by the teachers to make the basics clear to the students. It also helps to make the course exciting and interactive for the children. The parents who want their children to learn Arabic can register their students online or by collecting the application form from the chosen institutions and filling up the application form.

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More About the Course

The course is offered by many recognized institutions in many countries for the people without having any formal education also. The course helps to learn the following:

●    How to read, write and speak properly

●    How to pronounce the necessary letters and alphabets.

●    The Arabic sound system is explained in details.

●    It helps to learn Arabic and talk about the language fluently.

●    It helps to write the Arabic Alphabet step by step.

●    It helps to strengthen the listening skills of Arabic letters.

●    It helps to memorize and remember the Arabic letters.

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It helps to understand the Arabic grammar and also where to use it properly.

●    It helps to avoid the mistakes which most people use while writing the Arabic letters and sentences.

●    It helps a person understand the difference between soft sounds and amplifies sounds.

●    The course helps to learn the vowels and consonants used in the Arabic language.

●    It helps to determine the basic rule of reading and writing Arabic letters.

●    It helps to make the words from the alphabets.

●    It helps to adopt the Arabic language dialect properly.

●    The course starts with the basics such as meeting and greeting people, how to order food etc. and then it proceeds to advance level such as pronunciation, article, preposition, how to make words and sentences, etc.

Significance of the Course

The primary significance of the Arabic language learning course is as follows:

●    It helps to open many job positions for the Arabic speakers.

●    It helps to understand the culture of Islam.

●    It helps to understand the lines written in the holy book Quran.

●    It also helps to do business in other Arabic countries so that the person can communicate with the locals of the country and also helps to make profitable business dealings. Arabic language Training course

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