Islamic Arabic courses

Islamic Arabic courses

Islamic Arabic course is a type of class, which offers the students to study the Islamic Arabic culture and languages. In the Arabic language it provides an opportunity to develop the skills in reading, to write and to speak standard Arabic. This course includes several reading matter for improving comprehension skills.

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In this course, they also teach about several grammar and syntaxes of Arabic so that students can able to understand proper sentence construction and how their relation affects the meaning of the sentences. The eligibility criteria of this course are straightforward, as the students only need to complete their 10+2 in arts stream with an aggregate of 50% marks with Urdu/Arabic as a compulsory subject of study.

If the student is keenly interested in Urdu or Arabic language and wants to grow high in their career by applying their knowledge in Islamic Arabic language, then it is the best stream to be chosen. After completing this course they also get offers from several companies for several posts in Journalism, Academia, Translating and Interpreting which offers them a minimum starting salary of 2-4 lakhs.

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Who can take this Islamic Arabic course?

• Course duration is of total three years. And these 3 years are divided into six semesters.

• The admission process depends on the published merit list.

• The total cost of this Islamic Arabic course is INR 3000 to INR 15000.

• Candidates must have to complete their 10+2 or equivalent with arts stream.

• They must have to get 50% in aggregate with either Urdu/Arabic language as a subject of study in their 10+2 to meet the eligibility criteria.

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Job opportunities after completing the Islamic Arabic course

• Several sectors are interested in hiring this type of students. Those sectors are Education, News & Media, Islamic Organizations, Art Galleries, etc.

• The average salary for this job is always in between 2 lakh to 11 lakh per annum.

• After completing this Islamic Arabic course, the students mainly works as Translator, Islamic Studies Teacher, Administrator, Business Consultant, etc.

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More about the Course

• It is a branch of studies which let us know about the details of Islam and also encourages us to learn more things by researching.

• By going through this course, one can easily understand the various aspects of this religion, their culture, and languages.

• The class starts with the history of this religion and introduces the students with several dimensions and events.

• The students always need to expertise themselves in this course, for broadening their knowledge in various aspects of this course so that it will help them in their career.

• This Islamic Arabic course concentrates on assisting the students so that they can enrich their knowledge in Islam.

• This type of classes is always divided into two parts, Theory and practice. Under theory part students enhances their experience by going through the history and several dimensions of Islam. And under practice part, it concentrates on improving their communications skills and writing skills.

• This course provides a detailed view of various aspects of Islamic humanities and their contribution to spirituality and modern times.

• Students always need to work on different projects so that they can be able to gather more knowledge

• It is a career-oriented course which offers several posts like a translator, Islamic studies teacher, business consultant, etc.

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The theme of the course

●    After completing the course, the students are offered jobs as an administrator, translator, business consultant, Arabic study teacher in different business and other institution through placement.

●    The Arabic learning course will help you to provide an opportunity to do business with another country especially with the Middle East countries where the Arabic language is required the most.

●    It will help you to fill up the vacancies in the jobs which require Arabic learning applicant.

●    It also offers private classes, group courses and online classes for the business and working students who will be unable to attend the classes regularly.

●    The students can also participate in the class at any time according to their preference.

●    It helps to provide the students with lessons in Spoken Arabic and even in Modern Standard Arabic.

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What does the course include?

Normally this course covers many aspect of Quran learning. The syllabus is as follows:

●    In 1 session: there are three subjects: Arabic for Interaction, Grammar I, and Text Reading and Comprehension

●    In 2 session: there are three subjects: Translation, Essay and Letter Writing, Expression and Practical Language, and Applied Grammar

●    In 3 session: there are three subjects: Grammar II, Pre-Islamic and Early Islamic Poetry, and History of Arabic literature I.

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●    In 5 session: there are three subjects: Abbasid Poetry, History of Arabic Literature III, and Modern Poetry I.

●    In 6 session: there are three subjects: Modern Prose, Modern Poetry II, and Short Story and Drama

●    In 4 session:  there are three subjects: Early Islamic and Umayyad Prose, History of Arabic Literature II, and Abbasid Prose.

In India, Islamic Arabic course is top-rated. After completing these courses, the students can easily be able to get a job for the purpose of career growth. Here we will provide a list, which enlists the colleges that offer the Islamic Arabic course

The significance of Islamic Arabic course

Many countries speak Arabic as their official language, but they all are not communicating in the same way. There are several forms and dialects of Arabic. For instance, from Gulf Arabic and Maghrebi Arabic to Egyptian and standard Arabic, there are different dialects available.

Some of this language is different from the parent Arabic language. This language is most commonly used in the Middle East just because this region is known as the Islamic region. The Quran, the Islamic holy book is also written in Arabic. Arabic is a pervasive language nowadays as we can trace several words, which are adopted from the Arabic language like, sugar, cotton, magazine, algebra, and alcohol.

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