Why Do You Need to Take Online Islamic Classes?

Busy in our lives, our new generation including ourselves are at a quite long distance from the Islamic teachings given fourteen hundred years before. Online Islamic courses have made it easier for us to study the miracles of Islam, its base, pillars, basics, fundamentals, lives of Anbiya of Islam and our beloved Prophet [SAWS], and the message of Allah [SWT] in a stunning way. Here are some of the aspects that will change your mind about online Islamic studies.


Online Islamic courses provide us the convenience to step into the world of Islamic teachings without even getting out of our house. We can learn the teachings of Islam sitting on a couch with just a single click. We don’t have to make the free time separately for the transport system. Also, it doesn’t require us to be at a particular place for hours. We can even make our kids get participated so that they will have their free time not getting ruined. You can keep an eye on them and can even take the class with them.

2. Best Quran Tutors

Many of us might have thought that how would an Islamic tutor teach Islam by remaining on the other side of the screen? And how would it be reliable to study Quran online? But we should have to get that Quran tutors are not like the tutors of any other subject; we might have seen before. While doing jobs in such an online religious network, they are determined to convey the message of Allah and the Sunnah of our Prophet [SAWS] in the best way they are able.

The pathway which brings us closer to Allah is like if you will take a single step, the pathway becomes ten steps shorter but the thing is that we have to take little steps so that we might not get tired earlier. Therefore, online Quran classes are a worthy choice that will not make us feel burdened and we can also move forward by taking little steps punctually. The Islamic tutors will always listen to your concerns to make you a better person because we all have to face the Almighty Allah on the day of resurrection.

3. Importance of Islamic Teaching

In this modern world, it is really important to get ourselves involved in some kind of religious activity otherwise we will ruin our akhirah. It is because we our distant from the teachings of Islam, busy in other life activities. Our kids hardly know the basics of Islam. They might have taught the way of greeting in Islam when they met someone but they hardly know its meaning and that why is it preferred over the greeting ways of other religions? We may say Bismillah before having our meal but we hardly ever thought that what we are having in our meal could be something that someone somewhere in the world is deprived of.

We might give alms to the poor but hardly ever remember that we are not giving it from our pocket but from some of the treasures of Allah [SWT] that he has blessed us from. Indeed, He has made each one of us in the best way. We are all equal for Him and the differences are on the basis of Taqwaa. Therefore, we should build up a source like online Islamic courses or some religious activity to make ourselves interact with the teachings of our religion, Islam, which will make us aware of such little aspects of the life of this world and hereafter.

4. The Required Things for Online Islamic Classes

While taking online Islamic classes, the thing that you must need is a better internet connection. This is the most important factor that you need to study online. If you do not have one then the video will be buffering throughout the lecture and you might not understand the concept because Islamic lectures make the person get involved in the concept and a buffering video stops that too.

The second most important thing is to make sure that you are determined and you have your focus on the lectures. If you have decided once to join the class then you should must be physically and mentally present there at the required time. Never fed up and always remain determined and devoted towards your aim.

Listen to the lecturer attentively and try to understand what does he means. Observe and apply the teachings of Islam in your life as well otherwise the progress will be of no use because the teachings of Islam are all about the way we should live in this world. If we do not apply they then they will be just like an entertainment class, we would have taken just to pass our time.

5. Benefits of Online Islamic Classes

The benefits of online Islamic classes are in a number. First of all, you’ll use your phone and gadgets for a pretty good thing. The miracles of anbiya will excite your Imaan even more. You’ll have to do exercises as well. You will feel yourself linked with your history. As nowadays, we hardly see a common person knowing all anecdotes of every Prophet and their people, The Holy Books, the difference between halal and haram, profit and premium.

All this knowledge cannot be gained by just having a sight on an Islamic post a day. There is a proper schedule for the trainees according to which everything is scheduled. The days of Tafsir, hadith, Talawat are all planed. Every passing day will build up your Imaan even more and will make you feel realized about the major missing you would have in your life. Religious knowledge is the thing that will remain by you only if you will get interacted with it. What a little step towards Allah brings towards you, you’ll hardly ever learn that.