What is the Best Way to Learn Arabic?

The Arabic language is given a very high status in Islam. It is even said that the language of Jannah will be Arabic. The Holy Quran is also sent in the Arabic language. It is a very vast language, having several different meanings for a single word. Suppose we read Quran with the understandings of all the aspects of the Arabic language, such as common nouns, proper nouns, prefixes, suffixes, direct and indirect speeches, etc.

Then we will understand the message of Allah [SWT] in a better way and can also fulfill our aim to learn Arabic. There are many ways to gain an understanding of Arabic. You can use any Arabic learning app. Arabic guides can join the best online Arabic courses available on the internet and seek from Quranic Arabic. Some of the essential tips are given below that will might be proved favorable to dispense you a firm grip on the Arabic language in an uncomplicated way.

Relate Arabic to Your Native Language

It doesn’t matter what’s your native language is. If you have a desire to learn Arabic, then just have a start by learning the basic words of your language in Arabic, like the word “is” in Arabic sounds as “Haza” and the word “indeed” in Arabic sounds as “Inna”. Similarly, the word “that” is pronounced as “maa” in Arabic. So startup with the basics and move towards the fundamentals but always remember to use them in your daily life. This tip is not to learn the Arabic language only, but it’s the critical point to learn any language. Use your lessons in your everyday chitchat. Don’t feel ashamed if you have imprecise the words and their meaning because we’re not native Arabic speakers. We might fall apart several times, face several failures, but we have to be devoted to our aim.


This is a very beneficial technique to learn Arabic; first, learn the Quran. While studying the Quran, we usually focus on the overall translated verse and don’t notice to identify what a single Arabic word means. Next time, whenever you’ll read Quran, search for the meaning of each Arabic word. You’ll come to know several different meanings of the single word. Read the verse with all those meanings, and then learn the overall translation.

When in non-Arab Muslim countries, students begin to learn the Arabic language, their teachers teach them the meaning of every single word. It might sound challenging to learn the meanings separately, but it’s not because you will indeed find some key points to relate the meanings of the words to your language, making the task much more accessible. Also, you will become familiar with many Arabic words once you start learning them because many of them are persistent. They repeatedly come in many Arabic sentences, and you quickly become accustomed.

3. Read Arabic Books and Newspapers

To follow the language of any culture, the first and foremost method that we have to use is to read the storybooks of that language because stories are the writings that will never make you bore. If the story is interesting, it will attract you not just towards itself but also towards the language you are reading the story in. Also, listening to the News will result in a much favorable response because, in that way, you will focus on the News much more than the language you are learning. The News and stories both will tangle you in them, making you oblivious to the fact that you are reading them in some other language.

4. Direct Your Focus on Arabic Grammar

To learn Arabic or any other language, always make the grammar of that language the pivot point. Grammar is the key to acquiring skills in any language, and without grammar, the language will be like a pile of words. The Arabic grammar is usually referred to as Nahw. The primary concepts of Arabic grammar [Nahw] are; masculine and feminine [Almudhakir walmuanath], singular and plural [almufrad waljame], definite and indefinite [Muhadad waghayr muhadad], direct and indirect narrations [Alsard almubashir waghayr almubashir], present and past participles [Almusharakat alhaliat walmadia], gerunds and infinitive [Sighat alfiel wasighat almasdar] and use of verb [Alfiel], etc. Now, whenever you begin your Arabic classes, focus on these basics of Arabic grammar. If you prosper to grasp the notion of Arabic grammar, you will conquer the inconvenience of an erroneously conveyed message to the one you talk about in Arabic.

5. Usual Arabic Words to Learn for Frequent Use

It may not seem easy to many of us to learn Arabic words. Although we have a keen desire to learn Arabic, this desire doesn’t enable us to overcome our difficulties while learning Arabic words. The worthy tip is to use the words you have recently learned in commonly used sentences to solve this issue. Here are some of the common word’s meanings in Arabic. Use them in your daily gossips to become familiar with them.

  • They ask you; يسالونك ‘early; حقا
  • To death; الى الموت ‘ Wedding; زفاف
  • Heart; قلب ‘ Rejected; مرفوض
  • They look; ينظ ينظرون’ABIC TUTOR

If you have tried out everything you could do to learn Arabic yourself and that comes out with no satisfactory results, you can consult an Arabic tutor. You will have to choose whether you need an online Arabic tutor or the one that will be physically present in front of you while you have your class. An online Arabic tutor will enable you to acquire the knowledge to speak the Arabic language without stepping out of your house.

Also, you will not have to go somewhere to take the class. All you need is a better internet connection so there will be nothing interrupting you to fulfill your aim. If you are not comfortable having an unknown person as your teacher, then you can also use any app or an online website to be your teacher. Such apps and websites are computerized to provide thousand of people with their concerns. They provide the best online Arabic courses to the people who urge to learn Arabic.

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