Want to Learn Arabic….where Do I Learn Arabic?

Want to learn Arabic….where do I learn Arabic?

Arabic is one of the most famous languages in the world. Many people use this language to interact on a daily basis, and it is also one of the oldest languages in the world. If you wish to know the art of reciting Quran, then also you would need to learn the Arabic language correctly, as without it you would not be able to get acquainted with the holy book. So if you wish to learn Arabic, then before proceeding further know why it would be beneficial for you to learn this beautiful language.

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Some Interesting Facts

Listed below are some interesting facts about the Arabic language, which would influence you more to love the language.

●    With about 300 million speakers worldwide, Arabic is the official language of 26 countries around the globe. It is also among the six official languages that are used in the United Nations.

●    The countries where Arabic languages are used officially include Yemen, Western Sahara, United Arab Emirates, , Syria, Egypt, Somalia, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Comoros, Qatar, Palestine, Bahrain, Oman, Mauritania, Libya, Morocco, Lebanon, Kuwait, Djibouti, Jordan, Sudan, Israel, Iraq, Eritrea, Chad and Algeria.

●    It is estimated that the classic Arabic language has originated in the sixth century and it is almost 1500 years old now.

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●    There are basically three types of Arabic languages, the first one being the Classic Arabic which is used in Quran, the second one is the Colloquial Arabic which is used primarily interact with one other however there are individual variations according to regions and countries, like the Saud Arabians can easily communicate with Egyptians however they find it difficult to communicate with Moroccans and finally Modern Standard Arabic which is more formal in nature and is used for legal purposes.

●    This is an interesting fact about the Arabic language. The letters of the language are written from right to left whereas the numbers are written from left to right. This might get confusing for any non-Arabic using person. So when you start learning Arabic, try to determine the names from the first day correctly as you would have to align the sentence and the numbers correctly while writing Arabic.

●    The Arabic language is unique is the sense that it is written without following any alphabet. Instead, it follows abjad which is a system where each of the letters does not stand for vowel but rather a consonant, and you as a user of the language would need to provide vowel to the alphabet by using the vowel marks. Want to learn Arabic….where do I learn Arabic?


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●    The word camel can be defined using 100 different words in Arabic.

●    There are more than ten words in the Arabic language that can describe the word, Love.


●    The Arabic language is constructed using a root system like every adjective, verb and noun is built on a system using 3 initial letters that occur with the changes in vowels and consonants. For example, Root letters are B, K, T and the words can be Kitab (book) or Kutub (book).

●    There is no verb in the present tense when you use Arabic languages. For example instead of saying “I am Akbar,” you would need to say, “I Akbar.”

●    Many English words come from the Arabic language. So unknowingly, you already know a little bit of Arabic. For example, algebra, cotton, magazine, sofa, sugar, orange, lemon, etc. all of these words come from the Arabic language.

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Advantages of the Language

After knowing so many interesting facts about the language, you must be getting attracted towards it, but before you take your final decision, also be aware of the advantages that you would gain if you learn the language with efficiency.

●    When you learn Arabic, there would be an increased scope of business opportunities in many parts of the world where it is the official language.

●    There is a high demand for Arabic translator in the job sector, so while others compete for different foreign languages, be unique and learn Arabic to gain an advantage over others.

●    You would be able to learn about the cultures of the Arabic language speaking nations, and this would increase your knowledge base of the happenings of the world. You would also be able to recite and learn Quran with perfection when you have a grip over the Arabic language.

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Course Details

Now that you know many things about the Arabic languages and also the advantages that are associated with it, you must be trying to find the ideal place to learn this beautiful language. Many technicalities are associated with the language, and if you were unable to have a grip over all of them, then it would be tough for you to learn the language. Also, make sure that the institute you are opting for is providing equal stress on speaking and writing Arabic as both are equally important.

There should be much interaction in the language so that your grip over it would increase efficiency and listen to your instructors would clarify all of your doubts that you have with the language. You can go to the internet and search for the best Arabic language course providing institutes around you. But before you make the final decision check all of their reviews and in case they provide any free demo class, go for it and see whether the pattern followed there would be fruitful for you or not. Before you make any payment, be sure about the institute that you are opting for.

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Who Can Take This Course?

In case you are having a busy schedule and are not able to cope up with the class timings, then you can also opt for the online classes. You would get personalized attention here, and your classes would be scheduled according to your convenience. You can attend your classes from anywhere you want, and all you would need is a computer system and a super fast Internet connection. Want to learn Arabic….where do I learn Arabic?

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