Top 5 Sites You Can Learn Quran for Free

Top 5 sites you can learn Quran for free  The Quran is the Holy book for Muslims which Allah delivered to His prophet {pbuh} over 23 years. It is Allah’s message to His servants, so every person has to recite it and act upon it. Learning Quran is extremely important to the lives of Muslims.

The Prophet [pbup] always encouraged his companions to read and learn, understand the Quran and said that Allah [S.W.T] favors those who learn and read it. As narrated by Aaisha, the Prophet said” the best of you are those who study the Quran and teach it to others”Also, Quran is a great way to reclaim your heart, heal your mind, and treat your stress and anxiety.

IT guides Muslims to the straight path.  Moreover, it could be your path to paradise as it will make Dua to Allah in the day of judgment to forgive and have mercy on the person who constantly reads it. It is not difficult to learn the Quran as Allah[ S.W.T] said “ we have indeed made the Quran easy to understand and remember, then is there any that will receive the admonition”.

There are many ways to learn the Quran, either to go to a sheikh,  an academy or to join online classes. Nowadays, there are many sites that provide classes to teach Quran and even with Tajweed for free. The best of them are :

Tarteele Quran

           This site is very beneficial and academic, especially for beginners. It provides classes for kids and for adults as well. On the other hand, you have to do your own part. You should be regular to the classes as they will pay for you from their donation. They will schedule your online classes while they expect your attendance each time. Uninformed absence will lead to a cancelation of your class automatically. If you need an off-day, let them know in advance to save the cost and the teacher will make up the class on another day.  

Free Quran learning

             This site provides an amazing Quran learning system. They teach Quran according to tajweed rules and they also provide a memorization course introduced by professional and qualified Huffaz. Moreover, a Hadith course is provided to help Muslims to understand the principles, wisdom, and benefits of the traditions of the Prophet[ pbuh]. As Allah says in His book” And recite Qur’an with Tarteel” Tarteel is Tajweed, it means to recite Qur’an with the right pronunciation and the right grammar.  


              This site is super amazing because it contains so many different things you can learn. It provides Suras of the Quran written and in the form of audios as well to several Quran so you can choose the voice which touches you most. In addition, it teaches the Arabic alphabet from the very beginning and its sounds. You can also find the tafsir, different translations of the Quran, Hadith books, Hijri Islamic calendar, and Hijri date converter. Actually, this site is ultimately beneficial. You should visit it.    

Understanding Islam

                It is a great platform to learn Islam better through its free Islamic course. This free Islamic course is designed to make Muslims aware of the fundamental instructions and information of Islam. It revolves around the basic five pillars of Islam and some extraordinary issues as well. The course is divided into three stages, once you complete a stage you get a password to go to the other stages. As mentioned the course covers several topics such as the six articles of faith, declaration of faith, and the acts of worship.    

Al- Azhar Qur’an Teaching

                       Al-Azhar Qur’an teaching is a unique online academy dedicated to helping you to learn Qur’an, Tajweed, and Arabic language super professionally and quickly. They are in this field for ten years and they have a lot of thousands of Students all around the world to learn Quran online and to learn Arabic online from native Speakers in Arabic. There; you can learn Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies from native Arabic-speaking teachers who have graduated from Al-Azhar University, one of the most popular Islamic universities in the world.

They aim to guarantee the utmost limit of a learning experience for learners. Also, there are special programs and books for kids and those of special needs. Some of these courses are “ advanced Arabic studies, Arabic for special needs, Islamic studies for kids, Duaa course and Tafseer online classes.

So after showing and presenting these sites you can learn Qur’an and Arabic easily. New Muslims can learn at home online and also maybe for free. The faster you take a step, the more you learn about Islam.    Many new Muslims seek for learning Qur’an and for knowing many things about Islam and Prophets. That’s why these academies and sites are for, to guide them and to ease the process of learning.  


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