The Importance of teaching Arabic to Kids

The Importance of teaching Arabic to Kids Teaching is a noble profession in life. At the same time, The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the teacher for this nation and the world! You, everyone, imagine that there are no teachers here in our life to guide us? How would the world be? The answer would be that the world would be in trouble, although the existence of various fields and the people who work in them would need to be more efficient. The teacher is the power of education.

There are different kinds of areas where teachers could teach. These fields like history, languages, Geography, the medical field, and science. Let us talk about a lot of them, maybe the area of Languages, as each of you knows that there are different languages worldwide. Nevertheless, several languages are being taught, and we can not ignore the Importance of The Arabic Language for all people around the world, especially for kids, as it is the Language of The Holy Quran. The Arabic Language is the 5th most commonly spoken native Language. It ranges throughout the Middle East and the rest of the world. It is the most crucial Language in the world that each one should learn. Foreign Parents should turn to teach their kids The Arabic Language.

There are many reasons to passionate them to do so. Firstly, it is the Language chosen by Allah the Almighty. Allah chose it to be the Liturgical Language of Islam. Thus, The Quran, Hadeeth, Aqedah, and all Islamic teachings were provided in Arabic. It was chosen out of all the languages in the world used in the past, present, and future. This fact alone should suffice as a reason to learn Arabic. Secondly, It is the Language of The Quran. When kids have already learned Arabic, they can avoid misconceptions. They could quickly eliminate any misconceptions and incorrect facts, especially about religion, or provide sub-standard interpretations. This issue could be quickly resolved when the kids have a truly deep understanding of both religion and the Holy Quran.

The matter of teaching Arabic to kids is so serious and important. When the kids understand Arabic, they can already depend on reading The Holy Quran in Arabic and not rely on the translated versions of the Quran and other Islamic teachings, making them prone to being denied the real teachings and meaning of Islam due to their inability to communicate with the Quran without translators and translation directly. Teaching the kids Arabic Language helps them get the benefits of cognitive abilities, especially their memory. By learning the Language of the Quran, kids can understand the deep meaning of everything, have a critical thinking ability, and have better communication skills from the Quran.

Learning Arabic will open the gates to Islam culture and widen Islam All over the World. Teaching kids the Arabic Language gives them the ability to gain good manners as they will read Arabic books like Syrah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his followers, and his companions. Kids are also going to widen the circle of Islam in their countries if they are foreign. That is why it would be better if we made teaching kids The Arabic Language a priority in our life.

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