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learn Quran online free

Learn Quran online for free Sacred Quran training is vital for every single Muslim and Learning Quran is a longing each Muslim has. Absence of accessibility of Quran mentors is a significant issue that present Muslims are confronting and if such establishments or foundations are accessible, at that point they charge high for such help. […]

Quran for Kids – Quran Lessons Online

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  Quran for Kids – Quran Lessons Online, The Holy Quran is the sacred Word of Allah transmitted to the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) by divine revelation throughout a twenty-three year period. It is the Holy Scriptures of Islam that shows the exact and perfect way to salvation. […]

Learn Arabic Alphabet for Kids: Skype Quran Classes for Kids

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Arabic is one of the oldest and richest languages in the world as well as known as the native language of North Africa and the Middle East. It has been noted as the official language for 27 countries, with exactly 300 million indigenous speakers & 5th most spoken language of the world. This language first originated […]

Learn Quranic Arabic (Arabic learning through Quran )


People are becoming willing to learn different types of languages these days. Many people want to Learn Quranic Arabic with the simple key system. There are various reasons why people learn Arabic from the Quran. They need to understand the Quran in the Arabic language. Moreover, the Quran Arabic English is also suitable for all age group […]

Learn Quran Language(Quran online for -)

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    Being able to read the Quran is the most significant reward that exists in this world. Man ascends to the highest rank of communication with God with the help of the Quran. Along with this high reward, the virtues and merits of reading Learn Quran are unique. Learning, memorization, recitation and acting by […]

Basic Quran reading online

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] The language of the Holy Quran in Arabic. Allah revealed the Quran to His prophet in Arabic, so it is the language of Islam. People, who want to Learn Quran Online, understand it and recite it correctly and in the right way must learn Arabic. Online Quran Reading again and again never bores its […]