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The Holy Quran is the fourth and last sacrosanct book of Almighty Allah uncovered on our darling Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Always upon Him). The Holy Quran is the book of direction for all humanity till the Day of Judgment. Muslims need to practice the Holy Quran in their daily routine. They must understand the Holy Quran, to cloak it and set it up in their life style. Allah Almighty says about the Quran:

“It is the Book (the Quran), about which there is no uncertainty, direction to those who are Al-Muttaqoon [the virtuous].”

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching is an institute which has helped a lot to link the breach in Arabic education and online Quran teaching by providing reasonable, on-demand, knowledgeable instruction in the Arabic language that covers the ideologies of Islam. It is a website that brings teachers and students interested in learning Quran or Tajweed or Arabic language all together via the internet, through utilizing programs specially designed to learn Quran/Tajweed/Arabic.

Whether you dream of memorizing the whole Quran (Hifz), or part of it, or you simply want to only learn how to recite Quran properly (Tilawwah & Tajweed), Al-Azhar Quran Teaching is the most Modern & Innovative website especially to help you study the Holy Quran at your own home, at your own pace over the internet either alone or in the form of a group. Here you use our “Guidelines of Learning” to lead you to learn on your own i.e. “Self-Study”. These would help you to improve your Tajweed, & memorize the Quran and are free of charge as long as you are using it for self-study without any tutor.

You can also study under the guidance and supervision of a qualified Quran Teacher i.e. “Teacher-Supervised Study”. Yet, some charge would be associated with Teacher-Supervised study in order to compensate teachers for the time they spend with you, correcting your mistakes, & meeting you online.

Our institute pursues to deliver a learning atmosphere that is exclusive to today’s students. We have effectively met the task of making the principles of Islam conversant and valid to students and families far and wide.

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching emphases on four basic principles that rules its teaching viewpoint:

1: Tutors must prove unparalleled mastery and brilliance in teaching Quran and Arabic.

2: Content is proficiency engrossed and personalized to students’ requirements.

3: Hold a wide-ranging learning tactic that includes verbal and non-verbal communication.

4: Uphold excellence through unceasing control of tutors and observation of classroom doings.

There are some rules to learn Quran Online with us:

  • To Learn Quran online, you should be punctual for all the classes as we will be compensating for your every class to the tutor who will be your tutor for the classes.
  • There will be a specific proportion for every month and if there are spaces still vacant for classes then we will calendar your online Quran classes, or else you have to hold your fire and we will list you in the following month.
  • Once your online Quran classes will be programmed, we would want 90% of your presence in the classes. 
  • If you require a day off, let us know in advance so that we can mark you on leave. The teacher will not postpone the class for you but you can demand a make-up Quran lecture on any other free day.
  • Untold absence will lead to the annulment of your classes inevitably.
  • We will like you to blowout the word about E-Quran Classes to the persons of your family and contacts to connect with us and learn Quran online.
  • Plead for the triumph and receiving of hard work by Allah.

Also, understanding Quran elementary reading ethics in its intuitive Arabic signifies a chief task for Muslims who desire to learn more about their belief. Mostly, the nearby Arabic-language course may be at a university or spiritual school, where schooling and payments speedily upsurge above what a family can give.



All the lessons of Al-Azhar Quran Teaching are directed by professionally qualified Islamic scholars and expert Quran instructors who will teach you the recitation of Quran as per Arabic phonetics.


We value each pupil, and which is why we have introduced group classes too. Students are being taught in a sort of group so that student can learn Quran in a competent method.


We have many well-skilled male and female Quran instructors and as per the educations of sharia we propose separate instructors for male and female students consequently.


We are working 24/7 so, Muslims from all around the globe can select their timing for the class as per their ease and accessibility.


We have numerous years of involvement in online Quran teaching, we value our consumers and that`s why we provide a free trial of three days so you`ll estimate our coaching services.


We deliver certificates to our learners who magnificently complete their online Quran courses.

Enroll with us! Do not think for another second else you will lose the best opportunity of your life for learning the Holy Quran. 

Three Simple Steps to start

Find a Quran Tutor

You can  look through the profiles  of hand-picked online Quran tutors who give a grounding in Quran courses like Norani Qaida, Quran Recitation, Tajweed, Quran memorization and the Arabic language.

Select your Plan

Use your first thirty minute free classroom time to interview Quran teachers. Then continue your Quran lessons with your selected tutor by choosing a classroom plan. Which goes as long as one week in the form of a free trial.

Start Learning Quran

You need skype or any other software for online Quran learning which can be installed easily. Also, a fast internet connection, a laptop, a PC or a mobile device supporting video calls.

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