Online Quran Classes For Youngsters


Quran! The sacred book of Islam is written down in the Arabic language. The Quran consists of about hundred fourteen units of varying length which are known as Suras. The Quran touches the legislation, all aspects of human existence, social organization and includes the matter of doctrine. The religion of Islam is based on the holy book of Quran. To all people in Dubai, the Quran can be told as God’s message. Regardless of their language, the Quran is accessible to all believers. Even non-Arabic speaking believers know the Quran better than the Arabian-speaking ones. Quran is inaccessible to the unbelievers, but due to its invisible power, Quran is enjoyable and readily accessible to the sincere believers.

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Online Quran Classes

Learning Quran online is an excellent opportunity for youngsters who want to learn the Quran. Learning Quran online is a modern concept for Quran believers as this holy book Quran was written in an Arabian language that’s why learner should know the Arabic language. The idea of learning Quran online has proved to be a huge success all over the world. This online course is not only for Islamic people but also for non-Islamic people, who want to learn, study, understand and explore this holy book Quran.

The theme of God throughout the Quran was focused on chapter one, the next chapter focuses on the man as an individual, man in society is the theme of section three, the fourth chapter is based on nature, fifth chapter tells about the Prophethood and Revelation, the issue of Eschatology or theological concern with death is discussed on the sixth, the Quranic topic of sultan and evil is discussed in the next chapter. The last and the final chapter are talked about the Emergence of the Muslim community.

The Theme Of This Course

The Quran is the unchanged and sacred book for Islamic people. We heard that Prophet Muhammad started to receive revelation until the year of his death. And then Prophet decided to spread the words of God and to teach the words of God to the believers. And he wrote them all words of God into one whole book. They get everything from Quran as they want. The language of the Quran is entirely in the Arabic language.

For make Quran reading easy Arabic alongside the English transliteration. It is straightforward to find the Quran written in every primary language but the Holy Scripture contains an exactly same message and this is the bottom line of each copy. It is the same Ayats, the same Surahs, the same meanings. Fazlur Rahman talks about the major themes of the Quran in this book, and he also discussed how they are acted upon and interpreted by Muslims everywhere. Online Quran Classes For Youngsters

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Description Of This Online Quran Courses

To fulfill your demands of learning Quran, this course will help you to equip yourself with the most excellent knowledge of this holy book Quran. Youngsters could know about the Quran and also the Arabian language correctly through this online Quran courses.

To do this online Quran courses you need a computer system or a smartphone, a speedy and secure internet connection in your home (or from where you are doing this course), headphones or earphones along with microphone and the most important thing which is needed most is the eagerness and willingness to learn this holy book Quran online. They provided educated and certified teachers who take this online Quran classes attentively.

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●    The final stage is the most challenging and the most beautiful if you wish to finish other portions of the Quran at home, my own. You have to study everyday Quran portion and to make a quantum leap in life, that spends more time to study and learn the Quran. Make a pledge to yourself to memorize it all, by sticking to a plan to write down. It will take 9 to 10 months, and you will become Hafiz.

Objectives And Targets Of The Course:

The course intends to build up a strong knowledge level of youngsters in writing, to speak, reading and listening to this holy book Quran. There are three stages how young students can memorize this sacred book Quran.Quran

●    To begin, the first step is the journey started when you’re taught Quran by elders the short chapters of the Quran in your childhood.

●    Secondly, when you join the Quran camp. There you can learn most of the stages of the Quran. If you feel that you can memorize the maximum parts, then you may come at home and memorize and revise those at home.

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This holy book Quran is a mixture of exhortation, narratives, and prescriptions. Learners need a lot of dedication, attention, and commitment to understanding this holy book Quran correctly, which is written by Prophet Muhammad. The important thing is, to learning Quran or in Quran education, there are multiple dimensions for instance, Quran reciting with tajweed and tarteel, Quran learning, Quran memorization, Quran Tafseer, and translation.

Quran education became challenging for students because of different disciplines of Quran education. Quran learning centers open this opportunity for everyone. Male or female, Islamic or non-Islamic every one could do this online course. People who wish to opt for this course they could join without any hesitation. But you should choose good sited because some sites are not so good for students. If you could find a good site and choose this, then you could learn the Quran easily. Online Quran Classes For Youngsters

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Benefits Of Learning Quran Online For Youngsters

Anybody could claim for learning Quran online because of some significant advantages. Which are given below:

●    Anyone could join this course at any time from any place.

●    This course will provide high-quality Quran teaching twenty-four hours.

●    Provide excellent and certified teachers, and they take classes seriously.

●    For students, this online Quran courses increased the interaction opportunities.

●    By doing this course, you could save your precious time and effort compared to the conventional Quran learning approaches.

●    They also added the convenience of home-based Quran learning.

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