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  Quran for Kids – Quran Lessons Online, The Holy Quran is the sacred Word of Allah transmitted to the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) by divine revelation throughout a twenty-three year period. It is the Holy Scriptures of Islam that shows the exact and perfect way to salvation. It consists of a complete code of teachings and laws by the needs of each era and provides means for the moral and spiritual development of all humanity, as well as the remedy for their ills. The Holy Qur’an and Quran for kids explain the real goal of human existence, which is to worship and serve Allah, its Creator, and obtain proximity to Him.

The Holy Quran lessons online divided into chapters and verses. It has one hundred and fourteen chapters. The episode is called “sura,” and each of them has a specific name and a variable number of verses. The verses called “ayah.” The Holy Quran lessons online divided into thirty parts so that it can complete in the month of Ramadan.

The theme of Quran for kids Course

The Holy Quran is known as the sacred scripture of the Muslims. It revealed by God, word for word, to His servant the Holy Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, in Arabia, about 1,400 years ago.

The process of revelation, which began in 610 AD, when the Prophet of Islam was around 40 years old, extended over a period of 23 years. Although the degree of literacy was meager in Arabia of that time, the Holy Qur’an began to write from the beginning, and several scribes used at different times for this sacred work. The most outstanding Quran lessons online among them were:

Abu Bakr, Ali, Zaid bin Thabit and Zubair ibn al-Awwam (may God be pleased with them all).

Theme In addition

In addition to this, a large number of companions of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, memorized the Holy Qur’an as it revealed. Remembering great literary works was nothing new for the Arabs. They were proud of their excellent retentive memory and considered incomparable in this field. It is known that some of them memorized more than 100,000 verses from several Arab poets. Therefore, a dual system of preservation of the Holy Qur’an kept from beginning to end, which made the writing of the Holy Book intact and unaltered. Although various attempts have made to prove otherwise by Western scholars, such efforts have failed. After applying the strict measures, these specialists had to admit, finally, that the Holy Quran is the one.

Various confronting factions emerged after the murder of Othman. About a quarter of a century ago after the death of Mohammad, he had been present in the Muslim world. However, a single Koran has existed among them and used agreed by all. In all epochs and until the current time, the same Scripture is an irrefutable proof that we have before us the same text prepared by order of the unfortunate Caliph. There is probably no other book in the world that has remained twelve centuries in such a pure version.. Quran for Kids – Quran Lessons Online Online Quran Classes For Kids

Description of the  Quran for kids Course

The reading Quran learning course divided into three grades, containing textbooks and exercise books combined in a single book. The complete series Quran for kids can teach intensively in 300 classes (with an average of 45 minutes, one class) 100 classes for each grade. If the program does not become as intensive, it can teach within three years.

Tasks Plus – basic level

It is a basic Quran Tajweed online Arabic course by thematic blocks. That advance from the knowledge of the alifato to the most complicated formulas of the language.

It develops in a digital background (at the moment a flat one) in which graphic elements used to support the classes. There will also be one or two situations dramatized by real students to illustrate with live examples what Dr. Hussein is explaining.

Therefore, it is a small manual of the Arabic language, it is not perfect yet, but it will be able to provide some essential communication elements of one of the oldest living languages in the world.

Muslim Andalusians – Madrasa

Madrasa means ‘school,’ ‘school,’ ‘place of study’. This section will dedicate to the Arabic language. An indispensable tool to know Islam in depth, as well as being one of the most critical words at present. The Arabic language classes you will find in this section will be in Latin script. Furthermore, will aim to enhance the practice of spoken Arabic -always cult with Quran for kids-.

Goals and objectives of the course

It is a platform that, in a quick and very graphic way. It refers to the expressions of the day to day in the Arab world. Also, it explains the way in which the logical combinations achieved. And the times in which you must use certain expressions that can be entirely the opposite on the western side of the planet. Online Quran Classes For Kids

Who should take this Quran Tajweed online course?   

This series course designed for those who do not speak Arabic and become upper-level students. The Arabic alphabet for kids series emphasizes communication and also offers an image in Arab culture, both Islamic and general form.

These courses made for those who want to be able to understand and communicate in a language quickly. You do not require studying grammar along with spelling to speak; children are clear proof. Learning a word in a book, unless you want to be an expert in phonics, is practically impossible. You must become familiar with the sounds. That is why this method of learning based on audio and images. Writing is just a support for sounds and pictures. In the first stage, you do not read texts, and you only have to listen. You listen, you see, you learn. Online Quran Classes For Kids

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