Online Quran Academy for kids

Online Quran Academy for kids

  • There are many Quranic classes online that teach Quran & Arabic tutorials for kids online
  • We could take one of the courses given, Al-Azhar Quran Teaching . About Al-Azhar Quran Teaching

 Al-Azhar Quran Teaching to teach the Holy Quran and Arabic language to non-speakers.

Founded in 2011, the Arabic Studio Institute quickly became one of the world’s leading online Arabic language and Quran institutes, providing education in all aspects of Arabic and the Holy Quran.

As one of the most important and largest centers for teaching the Holy Koran and Arabic to non-Arabic speakers, we have always been obliged to ensure that teachers are qualified to perform this task with mastery and high quality by providing qualifying courses for teachers constantly.

Our mission is to introduce Arabic and the Holy Quran to those eager to learn them by providing quality education and qualified and well-qualified teachers. 

Their Mission

Their mission in the Arabic Studio is to teach the Holy Koran and the Arabic language to the whole world in all its accents. They are also keen to qualify teachers through specialized courses to be the best teachers of Koran Karim and Arabic for non-speakers and work to provide job opportunities for the best teachers who look forward to being part of a great team.

Their Vision

As one of the founding online institutes for teaching Arabic and the Holy Koran, their vision is to continue to be a leader in this sector and provide the best educational experiences for their students.

Their Home

They have a fixed and legally accredited headquarters where management and interviews are done!

They also offer academic courses for teachers and a study abroad program where students from all over the world come to study directly throughout the year to learn, practice, and speak Arabic.

Their missions

They have Learning courses with practical applications, and these missions consider improving the quality of the teachers they have, whether for reciting or teaching Arabic or the Quran Teachers. 

They have Self-learning courses that each one who joins their courses can go back to it at any time and can communicate with his teacher at any time he needs.

Why do you work in Arabic Studio?

As part of a team of the strongest and best teachers of the Quran and Arabic language for foreigners, you will work in an entity registered in both Egypt and the United States, with management in both countries and students from all over the world.

The Arab Studio Institute also has a record of successful management, reliable and professional processes at all levels, and flexibility in teachers’ working hours.

Available Posts

1. Teaching jobs in Arabic and Koran for non-Arabic speakers online

2. Teaching jobs in Arabic and Koran to non-Arabic speakers at the company’s headquarters

3. Administrative posts

What is the SACT certificate?

The word SACT is an abbreviation of Studio Arabiya Certificate for Teachers, a calendar test that measures the qualification and readiness of Arabic teachers and graduates of Arabic faculties; To work in the field of Arabic language education for speakers of other languages and to stand at the level of the applicant in the field; To learn the strengths, they are better exploited and weaknesses to be recognized and strengthened.

After passing the test with more than 75% success, the teacher receives the SACT certificate, which is valid for a period of three years and proves his ability as a qualified teacher to teach to non-Arabs. The test includes the following sections: (grammar, drainage, professional competence, speaking Seminary, and English)

Their articles are:

  • How to become an Arabic language teacher for non-speakers? 7 Effective Methods
  • How do Arabic tickets? Complete Guide for Beginners
  • Five effective ways to teach Arabic to non-speakers
  • How to teach Arabic to adults – 12 successful strategies
  • Best Contemporary Books
  • The importance of learning Arabic for Muslims  

Zakat Al-Allam Published

We could take another institute or academic like Hydayah Network. It’s the Stylish Online Quran Website. You could learn with Quran online with Expert Arab Teachers. They Make Learning Quran Online Easy Through their multi-featured Courses that grease Enumeration, Tajweed, And learning accessibly at home. You Can Access It Anytime To Get A individualized Plan With A Structured Class And Track Your Progress painlessly Through their Reporting System. Their platoon of pukka Native Arab teachers is endured to educate easily with phenomenal strategies. 

 They’ve stylish online Quran classes for kiddies. Their engaging, interactive, and affect-driven Quran classes for kiddies are conducted by keeping the element of fun alive through outstanding audio/ visual aids that are presented both in one-on-one and group classes. Their Mind Mapping And Quiz Account Features Will Let You Retain Your Assignments ever through constant practice. 

 What Makes Them Exceptional in Tutoring? 

 • They use advanced technology tools like 3D performances, visual PowerPoint slides, and educational games to help scholars grasp the rule fluently. 

 • Their native Arab preceptors are fluent in English and are able to tutor Online Quran classes to newcomers around the world professionally. 

 • The Quranic Arabic preceptors are using highly practical ways of How to recite the Quran for newcomers. 

 • They’ve studied and are certified with an ijazah of tutoring Noor Al Bayan and Qaida Noorania, from the most stylish Islamic institute in the world Al Azhar University. 

 Tailored Plan to Learn Quran Online for Newcomers: 

 a) They estimate the current position of the pupil enrolled in this course. Also, a customized plan is set for the pupil to carry on with. They could start with them from their current position. 

 For case, if a pupil is apprehensive of the Arabic ABC, his Tajweed and makhaira are accurate. 

 b) also, the schoolteacher will make a substantiated plan for him to help him achieve his pretensions and finish the rest of the Arabic letters.

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