Noorani Qaida

Our tutors use the Noorani Qaida syllabus to teach the Noorani Qaida Course, a fundamental course. With the help of experienced Noorani Qaida tutors, we have developed an all-inclusive online course suitable for children and adults, regardless of gender. This course aims to teach the basics of Quranic studies and is specifically tailored for beginners keen to learn the Quran. Before being able to recite the Holy Quran, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of the fundamental principles.
The course initially focuses on the basics of the Arabic alphabet. It is specifically recommended for those with little to this, especially for individuals without any prior understanding of Arabic who want to read the Quran in its authentic Arabic language and follow the rules of Tajweed.
Course Structure
• Format: One-on-one teaching.
• Period: 30-minute long session.
● Age Requirement: Minimum of 5 years.
● Prerequisites: None.
● Skill Level: Beginner.
● Length of Course: Rest on the learner’s proficiency.
● Instructor: Online tutor providing personalized instruction.
● Gender: Open to all genders.
● Languages: Teaching available in Urdu and English.
What is the purpose of taking the Noorani Qaida course?
The Noorani Qaida course is necessary for children to complete it before they can start reading the Quran. Additionally, adults unfamiliar with reading the Quran can also benefit from this course. The Noorani Qaida exercises are designed to teach students Arabic with proper pronunciation and intonation (known as Tajweed Rules). The course begins with instruction on the Arabic alphabet, and with the guidance of our experienced tutors, students can quickly learn and master more challenging exercises.
Noorani Qaida for Kids
The Noorani Qaida Course aims to teach children and beginners the fundamentals of the Arabic Language. It ensures all students know Arabic reading, Quran recitation, Quran memorization, and Tajweed rules. These lessons are taught by Native Arab tutors, who are renowned Quran and Arabic teachers from top Islamic universities.
This course incorporates experienced Noorani Qaida tutors and employs effective teaching methods, such as quizzes, educational games, and assignments, to help students develop practical learning skills. By utilizing the latest technology and providing customizable, ready-made lessons, we ensure that students of all ages can easily and quickly learn Noorani Qaida online.
Specifically, the course is designed for children to be professional, creative, and centred around their needs. It offers a variety of age-appropriate activities and methods, including illustrated stories, educational games, and intelligence development games. Our curriculum emphasizes students’ strengths and has been designed to enable them to read, write, and speak Arabic effectively and confidently.
What desire do you profit from this course?
● In this course, you will learn to identify Arabic letters in various forms and pronounce them correctly.
● In addition, you will learn about the points of articulation in the Arabic alphabet.
● Additionally, you will become familiar with the fundamental rules of Tajweed, enabling you to read the Quran with accurate pronunciation.
● Furthermore, you will acquire a foundation of essential Islamic knowledge.
Course Outline for Noorani Qaida:
• Achieving a high level of proficiency in pronouncing Arabic letters based on their origins (Makhraj).
• Performing Noorani Qaida exercises while adhering to the rules of Tajweed.
• Learning the shapes of the alphabet.
• Studying the Maddah Letters.
• Identifying the Leen Letters.
• Exploring the concept of Sukoon or Jazm.
• Learning about Tashdeed.
• Understanding Nunnation or Tanween.
Come and join us to gain a foundation in Islamic teachings.
• This course aims to teach your children not only the Noorani Qaida but also instil in them a sense of integrity, Islamic principles, discipline, and truthfulness.
• We offer basic Islamic knowledge, including beliefs about Allah, angels, holy books, and prophets, as well as the pillars of Islam, the method of making Wudu, the practice of five daily prayers, memorization of small Surahs and important Islamic prayers, and Islamic manners for daily life Additionally, we provide Islamic and moral stories tailored explicitly for kids.
What are the reasons for choosing Quran School for the Noorani Qaida Course?
• Quran School is a well-known Quran Academy that specializes in teaching the Quran online.
• Our Noorani Qaida Course is highly successful for those new to learning the Quran.
• Our personalized online classes for Noorani Qaida allow for undivided attention from your assigned teacher.
• You are not limited to attending classes in a physical mosque; instead, you can access lesson content from anywhere in the world.
• Additionally, you can choose class timings that suit your busy schedule.
• We are confident that choosing Quran School for the Noorani Qaida Course is the best decision for you and your children, as we have many satisfied students.
Course Features
1. Course Instructors
Our course instructors possess impressive qualifications, having obtained degrees from reputable Islamic universities. They have also gained valuable expertise through years of practical experience in their respective fields. They are selected to assume their teaching role by completing a series of rigorous evaluations.
2. Tailored Study Plans
What sets us apart is our commitment to providing an easily accessible online learning experience for you and your entire family. We strive to accommodate your scheduling needs by allowing you to create your timetable, ensuring you can adjust your available hours at any time. This approach is designed to cater to the unique requirements of each student.
3. Course Prerequisite
This course is open to individuals of all ages, including beginners. Regardless of age or gender, children and adults can embark on their learning journey today guided by skilled and experienced teachers.
A specially crafted course called Noorani Qaida for children has been developed.
We have created a unique course, the Noorani Qaida for Kids, designed to teach young children about the Quran and Islam. The best time for children to learn is at a young age, so our course is specifically tailored for kids. To make learning the Quran an enjoyable experience for your child.
Our tutors employ interactive and engaging teaching techniques. They will teach the basics of the Quran, known as Noorani Qaida, along with Tajweed rules in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, suitable even for 5-year-olds. Learning these rules will boost your child’s self-confidence and motivate them to study the Quran enthusiastically and seriously.