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    Being able to read the Quran is the most significant reward that exists in this world. Man ascends to the highest rank of communication with God with the help of the Quran. Along with this high reward, the virtues and merits of reading Learn Quran are unique. Learning, memorization, recitation and acting by what the Quran indicates make one win many advantages in this world. Thanks to the fact that it is a Book of dhikr, of prayers and contemplation. The Learn Quran Language helps us to obtain unique rewards and merits. It is not only those who read the Quran who benefit from these rewards. But also their parents and other family members. For reading the Quran, one must first learn the Arabic language. Just as the sweet smell of the fruit makes those around you happy. Those who read the Quran guide their families to happiness and associate them with the rewards they will get by reading it. The friends of God who most desire happiness in both worlds have made. The reading of the Learn Quran a part of their lives and consider teaching their children their primary duty. In some hadiths, it is narrated that the Quran will appear. Before people in some spiritual form on the Day of Judgment. Some scholars have suggested that such statements suggest a personification of the rewards for reading the Quran.

Benefits of reading Quran

Many hadiths indicate that the Quran will intercede for the people on the Day of Judgment. One of these hadiths tells us about the personification of the Quran and its Suras on the Day of Judgment as follows. “There comes the Quran and those who practiced it in the world. The suras Al Baqara and Al Imran come at the beginning of the Quran. Those two suras will come as two canopies by which light emanates at the intersection of both or as a flock of birds with their wings open, and fight for the salvation of those who read and practiced the Quran. In this way, we must respect the Quran. We should not be negligent about its reading telling us that we have already prayed; we should not offend him in any way.

Why reading Quran is a must?

The reading of the Qur’an purifies the souls of the people; He heals them and saves them from physical and spiritual diseases. A hadith says: “He who recites the first three verses of Sura Al Kahf is safe from the machinations of Satan.” This hadith informs us that it is possible to get away from the evil that affects our souls and minds, an evil such as that which comes from the machinations of Satan, reciting the Sura Al Kahf. So if you want to read Quran then learn the Arabic language is a must. The act of reading the Qur’an is not just a prayer that has perfect results. It is also recommended that the Quran be recited to get away from the evil that could affect us at night. Many people feel discomfort when they go to bed, due to physical or spiritual causes. One must trust in God and seek refuge in the protection of the Qur’an to ensure the security of the heart and achieve inner peace. A hadith says: “If someone recites the last two verses of Sura Al Baqara at night, this will be enough for him. Some other hadiths inform us that “one of the angels of God will protect those who recite the Ayat al Kursi when they lie down, and the devil will not dare to approach them.” The verses of the Quran are not only composed of phrases that convey ideas. Since Learn Quran is the word of God, he has a miraculous power that exceeds that of mere contemplation or reading. Thus we gradually descend through this Quran everything that gives health and is a mercy for those who believe, while evildoers only increase their loss. As the verse mentions, the Quran is a remedy for our physical and spiritual illnesses. The Prophet recommends that Sura Al Fatiha is recited for the sick; He recited the Sura Al Falaq and An Nas when he was ill. Also, Aisha, the mother of believers, relates that the Prophet recited the suras Al Ijlas, Al Falaq and An Nas every night when he lay down and blew on his hands and rubbed his hands over his body. As we can see in the hadiths, the Prophet left us the Learn Quran as his most valuable inheritance. He commands that we join him when the dissension spreads when the turmoil and chaos intensifies and when the disorder reigns. It is our responsibility, as your proselytes, to follow this advice and these orders. If we do not want to become a dilapidated dwelling ourselves or turn our homes into our graves. Then we should adorn our homes with the recitation of the Quran. We should whisper it in the ears of our little children and pour their love into the hearts of our children. So that Islam is the most active voice in the future. Oh, light that descended in Mecca and ascended in Medina. Do not hide; remove the veil of your radiant face. So that the eyes blinded by the vices can see the beauty that is in you, and so that we can be attracted to your light again

How Arabic language help in reading Quran?

Many people of different ages from all over the world. Who learn the Arabic language for a variety of reasons: for work, travel, and family, inheritance, religion, and marriage, friendship with an Arab or just as a hobby.  Thus, learning the Arabic language is very useful in reading the Qur’an.  If your interest is more specific to medieval Islamic studies. That suits your needs is a course in Classical Arabic or the Koran.