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Islam consists in believing that Allah is One, Unique and Incomparable. And that He is the only one deserving to be worshiped. As well as think that there will be the Last Day in which our actions will judge us to learn Islam. We will teach its classes through the Internet. The training offered in two levels: degree and masters/doctorate. Undergraduate studies are about “Islamic sciences and the Arabic language” .Learn Islam Online – Islamic Studies Courses

Meanwhile, the second cycle training is about “forensic and Arabic science,” according to the center’s website. We have organized a new course under its title “Islam, Myths, and Realities.”The objective of this course of unpublished content is to conquer Islamic civilization, thought, spirituality and philosophy. A closer and more profound and unravel the prejudices that most often blur the perception of Islam, fueling Islamophobia.

The theme of the Course

learn Islam from the analysis of the Koran thanks to this free online course offered by our center. Even if you do not have previous knowledge of Islam or Muslim societies. Our center through the online course platform invites you to participate in its free online course titled ” Islamic courses Manchester,” to learn about this religion from the analysis and interpretation of the central sacred text: the Koran. Although the session started on June 1, you can still sign up and join the classes: sign up now!

The Islamic studies courses last one month and require between 4 and 6 hours of study per week. It is dictated virtually through videos in English, and although it has no cost, you can pay an application amount and get a verified certificate to add to your resume. You will explore the concepts of gender, sexuality, art, science, violence, and peace in the culture of Islam. You will learn to qualify the reading of the Quran by contextualizing it, and you will access contemporary interpretations of this writing.

The Islamic courses Manchester is part of a series of 6 sessions entitled The religions of the world through his writings, whose purpose is to understand the internal diversity of them and changing their traditions by the cultural, political contexts and historical. Access the Islamic studies courses from the scriptures. Also, you can see the videos where the description and objectives of these courses on religion extended. Learn Islam Online – Islamic Studies Courses

Description of the Course

Firstly, learn Islam online courses aim to situate some central notions of the emergence of Islam and learn Islam. And its consolidation in the form of classical Islam. To this end, the Islamic courses Manchester reinforce Islam as a determining factor. When it comes to an understanding of the ancient Arab world, starting with the character of the revelation. Its agricultural substratum, the statute of the oneness of God. The effects of the “Qur’anic fact” and the how that “fact” opened the way for a restructuring of the Arab societies of that time. Similarly, it also passes the blueprint of the texts to then focus on the Shia-Sunna difference concerning four central aspects. And thus lead to the way in which four discourses constructed within classical Islam: theology, jurisprudence, mysticism, and philosophy.

Essential Goals and objectives of the course   

  • The goal is to understand the meaning of revelation (seventh century) and Quranic prophetology.
  • To emphasize the singularity of the “monotheistic” character of the Islamic discourse
  • Differentiate between the Shia-Sunna: Caliph / Imam-hermeneutics – Profetology
  • Develop the style of the four discourses developed during classical Islam. These are theology, jurisprudence, mysticism, and philosophy.
  • To understand the breadth of Islamic discourse today and its mutations

Who can take this course?

Students, graduates or professionals in the humanities, social sciences or journalism. People need a degree of improvement in these subjects, as interested in the diplomatic, military, religious or cultural field.

Learning Islam for new converts

Whoever wants to convert to Islam online does not need to learn Arabic. He does not need to know how the Muslims pray. But he only needs to bear witness to the oneness of Allah. And he needs to believe that there is no deity. But one God and that only He can forgive our sins. For this, he should approach a mosque and ask him to take his testimony of faith or do so in front of Muslim witnesses. If there is no mosque or Islamic center where he lives.

This testimony is called shahada, and it consists of saying.  That is “I testify that there is no deity but Allah and I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah,”. “Ash hadu an illaha illa Allah ua ash hadu anna Muhammadan Rasulu Allah.”

Children do not need to give testimony of faith and learn Islam. Since the Islamic faith considers that all children are innocent beings free from sin and this is the concept of Fitrah.

The message of a convert to Islam online

The news of a convert to Islam online is a universal message; it does not target a particular people or race. To such an extent that the idea of racism among Muslims is unacceptable; the valuation of a man carried out by his degree of loyalty and not for his ethnicity.

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As a result, we have a perfect track record of the online students who have learned Islam online very quickly. Our team of expert tutor always aims to deliver the best teaching. They deliver through a full-time table of the course classes available on our website. Learn Islam Online – Islamic Studies Courses