Juz amma is frequently read by many individuals, particularly during prayer, as it is the final section of the Holy Qur’an. This section consists of thirty-seven surahs, encompassing a total of five hundred and sixty-four verses and two thousand four hundred and twenty-three words.
The first Surah within juz amma is Surah Al-Naba’, also known as Surah “Am Utsalon,” “Amma,” “Al-Maasrat,” or “Altsaoul.” The last surah in juz amma is Surat Al-Nas.

What is the time required to memorize Juz Amma?

The Juz Amma consists of 564 verses, making it easy to begin memorizing due to its small size. You can effectively memorize it by creating a schedule specifically for Juz Amma. The time it takes to memorize varies depending on your learning capacity and the approach you take. Some individuals can learn it in a week, others in 15 days, and some may require a month.
Ways to Remember Juz Amma
Learning how to memorize Juz Amma is not a challenging task, as there are various methods available to assist you. One effective way is to create a schedule specifically for memorizing Juz Amma.

Below are a few suggestions to aid in memorizing juz amma:

1- Correcting pronunciation: An essential step in memorizing Juz Amma is ensuring correct pronunciation and recitation. It is beneficial to listen to a skilled sheikh to learn how to pronounce the verses accurately. The mastery of Quranic word pronunciation is achieved through direct and verbal guidance from a sheikh.
2- Creating a memorization schedule for Juz Amma: The student should devise a schedule for memorizing Juz Amma, which includes the following components:
● Determining the desired goal, whether it is to memorize the entire Juz Amma, is first or second half.
● Setting a time for achieving the goal by estimating the time required to memorize each Surah or a specific number of verses, such as a daily page.
● Allocating time for reviewing the memorized verses. This can be done by incorporating them into obligatory and voluntary prayers, thus organizing the daily memorization routine and revisiting the memorized surahs.
3- Selecting a specific Mushaf for memorization: Choosing a particular copy of the Quran (Mushaf) for memorization and taking care of it aids in memorizing Juz Amma. Visual memorization plays a role alongside auditory learning, and consistent reference to the chosen Mushaf helps imprint the positions of the verses in one’s mind.
Therefore, it is more beneficial to choose a specific copy of the Quran and become familiar with its layout and verse placements when memorizing. This is because memorization relies on three types of memory:
● Auditory memory, mental memory, and visual memory. Auditory memory involves listening to a sheikh recite the verses and receiving corrections if needed.
● Mental memory involves understanding the meanings of the verses, comparing them to similar ones, and knowing their location.
● Visual memory involves visualizing the pages of the Quran and memorizing the beginnings and endings of surahs, as well as the beginnings and endings of each page.
By associating the memorized verses with the visual image of the specific Mushaf, the student can enhance their memorization process. Therefore, it is crucial for the student to have their own dedicated copy of the Mushaf.
4- To aid in the memorization of juz amma, the verses can be divided into syllables that are connected by a common topic. This technique allows for easy linking of the verses and syllables, creating a flow from the beginning to the end.
Additionally, the events mentioned in the verses can be linked to one another, as well as to personal behaviour and daily life. However, it is still important to practice repetition and fully listen to the verses to ensure a complete understanding and connection between them.
5- It is beneficial to start memorizing from the last juz amma as it provides a sense of accomplishment and increases motivation and determination, particularly for young individuals or those lacking energy and determination.
The surahs in this section are shorter, more numerous, and less difficult, and many students may have a basic understanding of them from their textbooks.
This gives the student a feeling of progress and the memorization of a large number of surahs, further strengthening their determination to continue and their desire to memorize more.
Why should you choose our Online Juz Amma Hifz course?
● Elucidation of Surah to Stay Learning
Before beginning to memorize each Surah, we provide a brief overview of it.
Students are taught about the reason for its revelation, its name, and a comprehensive explanation (Tafseer) of the Surah.
We also discuss whether the Surah was revealed in Makkah or Madinah.
● Juz Amma Hifz chart
We use a Hifz chart to help students track their progress in memorizing the Surahs. We offer a fun activity called the Juz Amma Tree chart for kids, in which they can add stickers of the Surahs to a tree after they have successfully memorized them.
● Flexible Hifz Time
We offer flexible hifz timings, allowing you to choose the class time that suits you best. You can schedule your online classes at any time in the day that you consider to be the most productive.
● Test and Testing Afterwards Apiece Grade
Following the completion of each level, our teachers conduct a quiz containing questions related to the Surahs that the students have memorized until that stage. We also conduct regular Juz Amma hifz tests and quizzes after each Surah.
● Progression Report After Quite two weeks
Every two weeks, we generate a progress report that provides feedback on the student’s performance, including weaker areas and tips for improvement. We also share a planner for the next two weeks, giving an estimate of when the student can reach their target based on their current pace.
● Juz Amma Memorization Certificate
Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Juz Amma Memorization Certificate, signed by both the tutor and the supervisor of the course. This certificate acknowledges their achievement in memorizing Juz Amma.
Result of Our Juz Amma Hifz Course
The results of our Juz Amma Hifz Course include achieving several practical goals. These goals include:
Enabling students to comprehend the meaning of each Surah, recall whether a surah was revealed in Makkah or Madinah, memorizing the order of the surahs in Juz Amma, Mastering the surahs of Juz Amma by committing them to memory flawlessly, accurately reciting the entire Juz using proper Tajweed, and revisiting the entire Juz during prayer.