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The modern periods have changed the way we previously saw as well as alleged the world. The development of technology has brought the world closer with Islamic online university and Islamic books for kids. And because of this closeness, the access, as well as the sharing of information from different cultures, has increased adding to the knowledge of the average person. The Islamic world has also altered in the modern periods. As well as, Islam has let in the technical progressions as well as amplified learning as a means of broadcasting Islam as well as scattering the message of Truth to a global scale. In this regard, the ways that have altered significantly are the techniques of teaching the Quran. The lines below discuss the modern methods of learning Quran in the contemporary world.

Before moving on to the way of learning the Quran, it is essential that one realizes the significance of learning the Quran. Our firm belief is that the Quran leads you to the paradise. Reading the Quran completes an Islamic duty. You can enhance your status by reading the Quran. Moreover, we also believe that the position in the heaven is to determine by the amount of Quran you memorize in the life. Parents focus on teaching the Quran for children’s better future.

Quran online for non-speakers

To understand something entirely with actual meaning, one must learn about it first. Try gaining all the information on it which should be a valuable and authentic way of Islamic books for kids. For example, if we’re going to discuss a place or maybe a discovery, one study the books which are written in that place or development, and collect all the information through various means. The book is the fundamental entity to get knowledge about something. In the same way in Islam to achieve the most authentic to learn Islamic baby board books. As well as the most accurate knowledge about the religion, belief, nature, society, life and so, the Quran is the eventual source.

Quran not only deliver the necessary knowledge related to religion but it has all the evidence about each thing, which a man needs to know about in their daily life. Hence, it is essential for every Muslim person to learn the Quran, not only to gain knowledge about the religion but also to get himself or herself complete guidelines about life. Learning Quran is a duty of every Muslim.

History of learning Quran

Generally, from the period of Prophet Muhammad, the method of learning Quran revolved around a teacher along with the rest of the people learning from the teacher. Muhammad was the first teacher, their Mates were the early learners of Quran, from where the chain of Quran learning evolved, and mosques, as well as Madrissas, were used for teaching the Quran. The Quran teacher can found in such places, as well as the students would go to the teacher and get teachings on a daily basis. This method is similarly valid at present as well; however, other techniques have also appeared that have added to how a Muslim can learn Quran.

Learning Quran online

For Muslims who do not have a mosque at the nearest or who do not have much time to go to the mosque for Quran learning, the best option available at the contemporary time is the online Quran teaching academy. Learning Quran for children’s group is also made easy through online classes.

The online Quran learning offers in-person classes. With a one-on-one session, a student can have the undivided attention of a teacher. It also provides direct access to the teacher and learns about how to tackle hurdles. It helps to learn Quran word by word.

Briefly, though mosques are the primary source of learning Quran, however, times are changing and in the contemporary world Quran learning apps and online Quran learning academies are one of the progressively used methods of learning Quran.

The aim of teaching Quran

The primary objective behind teaching Quran online is to provide an occasion for teaching Quran for kids, adults as well as aged people. As it is the request of the Muslim communal living anywhere in the world learn Islamic stories for kids

We aim to enable learner, read and recite the Holy Quran with accurate pronunciation (with a full concept of tajweed and tarteel). We are also seeking to provide the necessary awareness about the teaching of Islam. Especially to facilitate those people who do not have direct access to Muslim scholars or Islamic centers.

We believe in being united and one of the Muslim Ummah. Our primary sources of guidance are the Quran and Hadith. We wish to clarify it in the very beginning that we do not represent any school of thought.

Teaching Quran online

It is quite evident of Islam not being just a religion; somewhat it is a conduct of life. To live a life that is religious, honorable as well as true to the ethics of humanity, one will always find protection under the canopy of Islam. Moreover, the primary source of direction that Islam offers to all those who pursue Truth is Quran.

Quran is the primary source of management for all the humankind, especially among Muslims; therefore, it is the duty of parents to a declaration that the kids get complete Quran education. Thus, Muslims try their best to give the best Quran education to their kids. And make their kids learn Quran word by word.

The responsibility of Quran Teacher

Being a Quran teacher is not an easy job. A high burden of duties come on the teachers’ to learn Islamic books online. As the parents rely on them to make their kids learn Quran word by word. They have to teach the student how to respect the Quran and its dignity. They are responsible for developing the habit of meditation of the Quran for children’s better future.  Also, introducing as well as explaining the Power of Quran to the students is their responsibility. Making students well experienced with the rules of Quran reading. Both Tajweed, as well as Tarteel, is the essential part of their job.

Advantages of learning Quran online

  1. The method of teaching the Quran for kids online brings in more chances for communications with people. And also with this communication of different academic thoughts in Islamic online university. As well as, morals to learn Islamic manners activity book. That can be a useful learning skill for the student.
  2. An online Quran teacher emphasis significantly on the fundamentals as well as basic of teaching Islamic knowledge to the students. Online Quran teacher ultimately leads to them, evolving into a strong base. As well as a strong understanding of the religion of Islam.