In this modernized world, almost every person is involved in some kind of day-consuming activity. It could be any activity such as schooling, teaching, business deals or some other jobs which consume almost our six to eight hours of the day and then the time to take our meal also adds up 1 to 2 hours in it. The rest of the time is usually spent in transport, with our families, in amusements, taking a nap, bath, and relaxing. Although as Muslims, we all have a keen desire to have our relationship stronger with Quran after all these activities we are hardly left with any time for ourselves. While Quran is such a luminescence that can even light up your hearts if you read its two ayahs by getting their meaning and to observe that Allah [SWT] is addressing to ourselves and that every ayah is a message for us from Him. We have to find time to read the Quran, read the Quran online, or have an online Quran tutor which makes reading the Quran a part of our day.  Here are some of the tips for a busy person to add some habits for studying the Quran in their busy lives.



It’s the most important thing to make yourself realize that studying Quran is not a choice, it is obligatory for us. Whether we want to or not, it is something that we have to do, not just because it is obligatory but also it is a spiritual medicine of a Muslim. Without Quran, what kind of Muslim we are? What we have left behind? Also, observe that when it’s a greater period of time since you read Quran the last time, you feel depressed and you’re heartfelt empty. You may lose your heart from everything. To quit up this condition from your life, reading Quran is a must. As Allah [SWT] says in Quran;

“Do not lose heart nor fall into despair! You shall triumph if you are believers.” [Quran 3:139]

So, as in this verse, there are many such ayahs in Quran which never make us feel disappointed, despaired, or lose heart from anything. Read Quran, whenever you get some of your time free. Reading the Quran online is easy in this modern world. Don’t mess up this opportunity, even if you will read a single ayah a day, you will have done something really worthy to you.



This tip is a must to apply in your daily life. It’s ok to read a single Roku a day, it’s even ok to read a single ayah a day but never ever adopt the habit to read a whole Parah a day and then several days without reading even a word of the Quran. Read less but be punctual. It is even said by our Prophet [SAWS] that Allah loves that act in which there is continuity. This hadith is stated as;

“The acts most pleasing to Allah are those which are done continuously, even if they are small.”

Following this hadith, even the busiest person can build up a habit of reading the Quran if he really has the urge to do so because the usual use of gadgets especially mobile phones is such a common aspect nowadays. It enables us to read or listen to the Quran online even if we are on the way to work our way back home or doing any other activity. Reading or listening to just a single verse a day doesn’t take much time.



Now in our modern lives, it doesn’t seem awkward if a person is busy in his work while listening to the music in the background or has hand frees in his ears then why don’t we link something positive and peaceful with these digital gadgets. While on the way to somewhere or just before going to the bed, read the Quran online or just put on your hand frees and listen to ayah with translation as well. Always try to observe their meaning as much as you can. Question yourself that what Allah [SWT] is actually asking you. Try to get the difference between the same words, used in different ayahs and what they are meant for. Always remember that the Arabic language, in which the Holy Quran has been sent, is a vast language having several different meanings for a single word. You will surely get involved in the meanings of the Quranic words and their actual meaning in that specific verse. Interest plays a great role in any work. Once your interest gets developed in the miracles of Anabiya done by Allah [SWT], which are written in The Quran, you will attract to Quran yourself.



We know all these tips and techniques are for a busy person and how can a busy person have a Quran tutor in his daily routine? But no one is asking you to have a Quran tutor who will be there at your home or working place to teach you Quran. It is just about to make someone closer to you, your Quran tutor as well. It could be anyone who spends with you at least an hour a day and you are a bit shy of that person too. Ask that person to enquire from you that whether you have read Quran that day or not. If this doesn’t build up your habit to read The Quran then ask that person to take a while daily to read two or three ayahs with you. You can also have a Quran app or a Quran tutor online. A Quran tutor online is also a good way to read the Quran daily as they are specially trained to provide the teachings of the Quran. When Quran itself always teaches us to be polite and morally great to others then what will be the behavior of the person teaching the Quran? Of course, it will be impressive and makes us interested in studying Quran regularly. May Allah [SWT] accept all of our good deeds as all of them are for Himself only.



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