Duaa Prayer Actions Azkar Course

Five Times Prayer, Actions, Azkar Course


The Urdu word ‘Zikar,’ which means ‘mention.’ ‘Azkar’ is the plural form of ‘Zikar.’ In Islam, it means praying to the creator for blessings and forgive us for our mistakes. Azkar is done via various forms of supplications or prayers. Muslims believe that they all created by Allah. No one is perfect in this society, via Azkar people praying to God asking forgiveness for their sins. They obey that Allah will count their good deeds in the afterlife.

The five daily prayer times are the most important obligations for Muslims. Prayers remind their god and seek many opportunities for guidance and forgiveness.

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The Theme Of The Course:

Every people must perform azkar, and they must study about azkar. It is essential that how much time you spend on your five-time prayer. It’s critical to the Islamic people. If you want to do the course of a five-time prayer, then there have many options for doing this azkar course. The aim of this course is teaching the correct way to new revert to Islam or young students. Basically for those who are still seeking the grace of God and learning the various form of worshipping. The proper way of reciting every verse is most important in Islam. Duaa Prayer, Actions, Azkar Course

This azkar course will cover this following:

  • In this course, teachers introduce students to the Islamic jurisprudence, the principle of jurisprudence and the improvement of fiqh at first.
  • The teachers teach the study of the methods and rules of purity.
  •  A comprehensive study of the five times prayer.
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Description Of The Course

Azkar is a part of five-time prayer, which is to pray by Muslims at a specific time in a day. By doing this pray, daily Islamic people called Allah and asking for their protection from evil. By reciting specific duas at a particular time, they are seeking for theforgiveness and satisfaction from the god. This Basic Alphabets Qaida Course teaches students about the purpose why any dedicated Muslim should remember to supplicate daily. The teachers explain each verse, and they also show how it should be said. By reciting this, it helps to protect you from evil.

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More About Course

Every Islamic people must know how to pronounce it correctly and recite it. The goals of this course are included here:

Teachers teach the meaning of this azkar and as well as they also give students some knowledge about the reason behind the supplications to be said before coming into the house or going out, before exiting and entering the bathroom or washroom, before drinking or eating anything and so on.

Teachers make the student understand the importance of god. And teaches to starting everything in the name of god.

Who Can Take This Course?

Every person should take these courses. There are numerous things you could learn to perfect your knowledge about azkar. Anyone could do this course.  Basic knowledge of Arabic language is necessary for doing this course. Male or female, child or old everyone should do this. If someone is unable to come to an institution, then they should try the online courses.

Moreover, it has been said that azkar courses are not obligatory for the following groups of people: Old men, children, women, slaves (who were present until Islam banned it), travelers, the sick, blind and disabled, etc. Everyone should do this course.

It is mentioned in the Quran, In Sunnah, in Sunni Islam, in Shia Islam, also you could found it in the history of Islam. Duaa Prayer, Actions, Azkar Course

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For Children

islamic courses for children will help them to be very good in Islamic knowledge. Another excellent option for kids and their parents is they could learn this from home because online courses are available now. It is very accurate that a child has more capability than an adult to take something genuinely in mind. With a very innovative and reliable teaching process, there has a different kind of age group for children.

There also free lectures available for children with whom you can decide to take admission for your child or not. You can always choose the Quran School, but you can also think about the option available online.

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What Does The Course Include?

In Islamic communities, Muslims remind god by the daily calls to prayer, which is known as adhan. The important thing of azkar is, the prayer times are dictated, which is depends on the position of the sun.

  • FAJR: Muslim prayer starts their day by remembering of god. Muslim performs the fajr before sunrise.
  • DHUHR:  after fajr Muslims remember god again in the noon. This time they seek guidance from God.
  •  ASR: Muslims take a few minutes to recognize God in the late afternoon. They find protection from God.
  • MAGHRIB: Muslims remember god again when the sun goes down. Just after the sun goes down Muslim pray to god for guides.
  •  ISHA: this is the last time in a day when Muslims remembered god and called him for his presence, guidance, forgiveness, and mercy.
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By doing this course, you will learn about Muslim dua properly. You could develop your knowledge about their culture and the spiritual effect of azan. Teachers help you to read and pronounce it correctly. If you understand the meaning, then you could enjoy this. People who want to know about Islam need this course. By doing this, they could communicate with Muslim culture.

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Benefits of five times pray:

When people pray to God, they obey that Allah alone is the creator and Allah is he controls the power and everything. People are nothing in front of Allah. Everything we need, we have to ask god at first.

Azkar has the ability to change the destiny of people.

If you pray for god every day, then God will protect you always.

Value of five-time prayer courses or azkar courses: