Daily Islamic Supplications (Duaa) Course


Islamic Duas are that every Muslim must recite and memorize every day. One of the significant climates of Muslim conduct is the making of Dua or supplicating. Besides the general and significant events such as Eid, marriage, etc., Islam believes that Muslims should supplicate for small matters too. Therefore, the practice of Muslims supplicates to Allah Almighty even for the simplest of matters in everyday routine helps one.

Although daily routine tasks may be done without supplication, supplicating is more like a belief of a Muslim. It represents the fact that even for the most trivial of things. A believer turns towards to Allah Almighty to seek his honest blessing.

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How Can Muslims Supplicate?

When we talk about Dua or supplication, there are a few things that a Muslim must keep in mind for better supplication. The very first thing must be the intent, i.e. the intention behind performing Dua. It must invoke to Allah Almighty with utmost sincerity and purity of heart. The second thing that is not mandatory but will be good if a person can memorize the Arabic version of the supplication. It shows that the person has the true spirit of religious inclination. If you are someone who might not read the Arabic or Quranic verses, you are recommended to learn it with the help of Quran classes.

The theme of the course

In terms of Islamic tradition, the Quran is not merely an inspired scripture. It is a divine book of God, which is straight from angel Gabriel from heaven for Prophet Muhammad. It delivers the message, which is the key to heaven. You need to join for an exploration of the scripture that is the word of God to over a billion people.

With this course, you will get to learn different aspects of Quran, including its essential message, the historical background of its origination, the diverse ways in which Muslims have interpreted it, and surprisingly it has a divine connection with the Bible. At the course end, you will be appreciated for having the perspective of a Muslim believer and academic scholars alike on the origins and the meaning of the Islamic scripture. No background in Arabic or Islam is necessary for this course. You can join this course to know things as we teach the text which influences a lot many people and remains at the heart of fascinating scholarly debates.Daily Islamic Supplications (Duaa) Course

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The benefits of this course

●    The basic structure, organization, and literary style of the Quran

●    The role of the Quran within Islam and its divine meaning to the Muslims

●    Traditional critical and Islamic academic perspectives on the origin of the Quran

●    Tricks utilized within the Quran to construct persuasive arguments

●    Place of traditions and Biblical characters within the Quran

●    From a theoretical perspective analysis of the Quran

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Exegesis of the Quran

It includes the examination of the principal systems of Islamic commentary on the Quran. It includes the classical period, the modern and contemporary period, and a reflection on the role of the Quran in shaping Islamic law.

Hebrew Bible / Old Testament Figures

It includes the consideration of the strategies in which the Quran presents characters from the Old Testament including Adam, Noah, and Moses.

New Testament and Christianity

Discussion of the Quranic allowance of New Testament figures such as Jesus and the disciples and of Christians and the Bible more generally. DailyTeach your Child Quran (Duaa) Course

Course Details

The Quran structure

You shall go through the introduction and shape of the Quran along with different chapters. You will be learning “Suras” and verses along with the traditional classification of chapters such as “Meccan” or “Medinan.”

Examination of the significant elements of the Quranic message: heaven and hell, punishment stories, divine signs in nature, and arguments for its validity as divine scripture.

The God of the Quran

It involves the consideration of the Quran’s contumacy on a God. He is transcendent and powerful — an introduction to the “unforgivable sin” of associating something with God and to the Quran’s accusations against Christians of theological errors. Daily Islamic Supplications (Duaa) Course

The Context of the Quran’s Origins

It involves the discussion of Muslims traditions of pre-Islamic Arabia and the birth and career of Muhammad. Also, it has discussion on the ways in which later Muslims constructed his biography with special attention to the story of his night journey to Jerusalem.

The Proclamation, Revelation, and Codification of the Quran

It includes the introduction to both western academic perspectives and traditional Islamic. It will answer the question of how the Quran became a written text, as we know it now.

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Duas for children

Being a Muslim parent, it is our responsibility to teach our children about Islam. Grooming your children spiritually is as much important as is to groom them worldly. The way you can start teaching your children “A for Apple” and “twinkle twinkle” since they start speaking is ironic because they are never as much worried to teach them any small surah or the first kalimah. And sadly this attitude amplifies generation wise. If you haven’t taught your child the basics of Islam, then do not expect him to be religious towards his child in the future.

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Teach your Child Quran

For example is evident, how much concerned are you in teaching Quran to your kid as compared to your parents teaching the Quran to you! The basic things you need to do when you woke up in the morning before getting ready for school that is a recitation of the Quran, whether a few verses. But today, every parent feel often forget this practice on their children. Ironically any parents never remember scolding their child on bad grades in a school test. Daily Islamic Supplications (Duaa) Course

If you can’t learn yourself, it’s fine. Hire a professional tutor for Quran and Islamic teaching. It is the same as hiring a tutor for the schooling of your children. Pay attention to your children. A straightforward and amazing practice could be making your child memorize little duaas for children. There are many types of duaas of day and night which may be easily remembered by children. Daily Islamic Supplications (Duaa) Course.

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