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Islam believes that Allah is One and Unique. What’s more, that Allah is the one to be worshipped. If you make your mind to Convert To Islam Online, alazharclasses provide the online course in which you can quickly become Muslim

The Theme of the course

This course Convert To Islam Online is uniquely intended to clarify the absolute most vital focuses. Therefore, the new Muslim ought to be aware of on the pure. The first day of their change to Islam which is frequently dismissed by those people or focuses in charge of their transformation. However, the motivation behind the course is to make the new Muslim’s passageway into another lifestyle less demanding and smoother. Although, it centers around the essential components. They should get a handle on in the change into a honing Muslim. It likewise encourages them to confront the real issues. They will be gone up against by when they first grasp the faith.

Course Description

➢    First Level

This course objective is to acquaint one who says I want to convert to Islam and also its primary standards of being a Muslim. It’s including considering Aqeedah (Islamic statement of faith), the principles of petition and Taharah (purification) and Ibadat (the act of worship), clarifications of the five mainstays of Islam and the six articles of faith.

➢    Second Level

So, how to convert to Islam from Christianity promote learning of Islam through the selected chapters of the Qur’an. And a few hadiths of Prophet Mohammed that add to building your character as another Muslim. You may likewise discover answers to your questions that go with self-improvement in Islam through the study of Fiqh (guidelines of Islamic statute). This course similarly incorporates a prologue to the life of Prophet Mohammed.

➢    Third Level

The goal of this course is to coordinate you into society through the further study of the Qur’an and hadiths. As well as Islamic culture and etiquette, and a prologue to the Prophet’s account.

Course Objective

The target of this course of unpublished content is to overcome Islamic human advancement, thought, philosophy and spirituality. A closer and more significant and disentangle the biases that frequently obscure the impression of Islam, energizing Islamophobia.

Who Should Enroll In This Course?

➢    Newcomers to Islam.

➢    Those on graduate plans

➢    Those who need to realize what they are discussing with regards to Islam

➢    Everyone who needs to figure out how to end up a Muslim

Learning Outcomes Of This Course

  • Firstly outcome is How to change over to Islam and how long does it take to convert to Islam
  • Secondly, describe the most critical focuses that you ought to be cognizant amid the change procedure.
  • Make your passage to Islam less demanding and smoother.
  • Describe the essential components that can make you a honing Muslim
  • In the end, describe the real issues that you may stand up to

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