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Looking for Online Quran Classes? Here Are 20 Recommended Websites and Platforms!

Looking for Online Quran Classes? Here Are 20 Recommended Websites and Platforms! With the advent of technology, accessing religious education from the comfort of your home has never been easier. However, with numerous options available, choosing the best platform for online Quran classes can be challenging. In this blog post, we present factual data and […]

Face-to-face Quran learning in Dubai

Face-to-face Quran learning in Dubai. If you are in Dubai and looking for a comprehensive and personalized Quran learning experience, a face-to-face Quran learning course could be the perfect choice for you. This course offers a unique opportunity to learn the Quran in an interactive and intimate setting. With a qualified Quran teacher by your […]

Free Zoom Quran Classes: A Convenient Way to Learn

Free Zoom Quran Classes: A Convenient Way to Learn We provide online Zoom lessons for individuals who want to learn the Holy Quran. To schedule your Zoom Quran classes, simply send us a message on WhatsApp. If you’ve been searching for an online Quran school without success, don’t worry! Quran Schooling is available to assist […]

Juz Amma Memorisation

Namaz and Duas

Juz amma is frequently read by many individuals, particularly during prayer, as it is the final section of the Holy Qur’an. This section consists of thirty-seven surahs, encompassing a total of five hundred and sixty-four verses and two thousand four hundred and twenty-three words. The first Surah within juz amma is Surah Al-Naba’, also known […]

Namaz and Duas

Namaz and Duas

Education is a fundamental aspect of our lives, shaping our thoughts, actions, and world perception. To preserve education and ensure its continued growth and development, it is essential to integrate spiritual practices into our daily routines. Namaz (prayer) and Duas (supplications) offer a unique opportunity to connect with a higher power, seek guidance, and strengthen […]

New Muslim Converts Classes

New Muslim Convert Class

Classes for new Muslim converts can be an invaluable resource for those who are embarking on their journey to learn about Islam. These classes are designed to provide new converts with a comprehensive understanding of the faith’s core beliefs, practices, and values, and to help them integrate into the broader Muslim community. For many new […]

Islamic Classes For Converts

Islamic Classes For Converts

Islamic classes are a fundamental aspect of Islamic education, providing individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the religion of Islam. These classes cover a wide range of topics, from Islamic beliefs, history, and ethics to jurisprudence and the practical application of Islamic teachings in everyday life. Whether you are a Muslim seeking to deepen your […]

Muslim Convert Classes

Muslim convert Classes

Muslim convert classes are educational programs aimed at providing guidance and support to individuals who have recently embraced Islam or are interested in doing so. These classes are led by knowledgeable Muslim scholars or community leaders, and cover a wide range of topics related to Islamic beliefs, practices, and values. Muslim convert classes aim to […]