Best Islamic Classes From Your Home

Best Islamic Classes From Your Home

Best Islamic courses from your home lets know more about Islam in this course you will know the basics of Islamic Studies like Fiqh and Aqeedah(Muslim Creed). also, you will study Fiqh Islamic Jurisprudence.

Juma’ah is also known as congregational prayer or Friday prayer. Islamic Ju., is a prayer that Muslims holds in every Friday afternoon instead of the Zuhr prayer, According to the sun’s sky path regardless of time zones, Muslims pray this Islamic Ju five times a day.

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Meaning of Islamic Classes

In some Islamic studies for kids, it’s transliterated as salaat-ul-Jumu’ah, which means the Friday prayer. It is a religious obligation, which takes the place of daily afternoon prayer. It is one of the confirmed obligatory acts and one of the most exalted Islamic rituals. The name Jumu’ah, which is derived from the verb ijta’ama and which is meaningful which means that the gathering together of people.

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Description of the Islamic Classes Courses:

If you want to do this course, then you have some knowledge about this Islamic Course. Here I will elaborate you some description of this Islamic Classes Courses.

By doing this course, the student will be able to identify the various methods and approaches to study Islam and human rights. Students can recognize the theme and the main issues which are in the Islamic theorizing, and they also identify the leading thinkers in Islamic theorizing on human rights.

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The theme of the Islamic Classes Course

The central theme is to explore various aspects of the debate over the relationship between human rights and Islam. This Islamic Classes Course centre concern about these is the study of the Human Rights in Islamic theorizing. This due Islamic course starts with providing a broad overview of the methodological and the theoretical approaches in human rights and as well as studying Islam. It examines several dimensions of Islamic theorizing on ethics, politics, justice, and state. The course will take after introducing the general trains in Islamic thoughts.

This Islamic Classes the course will take up this following database issues in the field: women rights, Islamic feminism, minority, and citizenship, proceeding to the Arab Spring and the transformation of political Islam.

Between the lecture and the discussions, the class time will be divided. The learners are expected to prepare well to contribute with the teachers. This constitution is based on an understanding of the reading material.

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Objectives of the course

By the end of doing this Islamic Classes course students should improve and gain the following skills:

  •  They will be able to lead a scientific discussion, which is based on problematic political and theoretical events and issues.
  • The students smoothly write scientific and critical sounds papers and essays.
  • learners will be able to explain the relations and realizing this relation, and students will also be able to correlations between different variables relating to Islam and human rights.
  • Students will able to thinks causally in understanding and explaining human rights issues and its relation to Islamic theorizing.
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Did You Know That?

It relates the Islamic prophet Muhammad and which is used to read surah, in Eid prayers and Friday prayers also. Muhammad would have to make sure to read these two Surahs to the prayers if one of the festivals fell on a Friday. Muhammad is said as quoted that the best day the sun rises over is Friday. On this day Allah created Adam. On this, he was made it enter paradise, on it he was expelled from this, and the last hour of this will take place on no other day than Friday.

Muhammad said that on Friday, whoever performs ghusl and causes (his wife) to do the ghusl then they go early to the mosque and attend from the beginning of the khutbah and draws close to the Imam and Allah listens to him attentively, then Allah will give you the reward you deserve for fasting all the days of a year and notifying night vigil in each of its nights for every step that they took towards to mosque.

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Who Should Take an Islamic Studies Course?

Moreover, it has been said that Jumu’ah courses are not obligatory for the following groups of people: Old men, children, women, slaves (who were present until Islam banned it), travellers, the sick, blind and disabled, etc. Everyone should do this course. It is mentioned in the Quran, In Sunnah, in Sunni Islam, in Shia Islam, also you could found it in the history of Islam.

History of Islamic Studies

According to the history of the Islamic Ju., the report from Abdullah bn ‘ Abbas, narrated, said Allah gave the permission to perform the Friday prayer before Hijrah. The Prophet said to Mus’ab b. Umair, who presented the Prophet in Madinah to pray to the raka’at in the congregation on Friday and that is Jumu’ah. Then, after Prophet moved to the Medina, the Jumu’ah was held by the prophet.

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conditions for Islamic Jumu’ah courses:

An accurate Jumu’ah was said to fulfil these specific conditions, including this followings:

●    Friday prayers are must be prayed in congregational.

●    There has must be at least 5 (better 7) persons including the Imam.

●    According to some Shiite law, only one of the Friday prayer may be prayed in a radius of 3 miles 720 yards. If two prayers of them are held within this distance, then the later will be null and void.

●    There must have been two sermons delivered by the Imam before the prayer and attentively listened to it by at least 4 (or 6) persons

Benefits of the Course

What are the benefits of doing this course? This course will encourage learners to improve their following skills and attitudes:

  • Firstly, they teach to learn and respect different explanations and ideas.
  • They could be conducting social science research.
  • Lastly, they gain knowledge about the mixed motives and drivers of human behaviour.

So don’t be late if you want to learn about this Islamic Classes Join these courses without hesitating. So please hurry up!

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