Arabic Learning Courses In Bahrain

Arabic Learning Courses In Bahrain

Arabic language dialect varies from one country to another country because there is no uniform Arabic language. The Arabic language is taught at different levels, but it does not matter to the locals of Bahrain because they will appreciate your attempt to speak the language as a sign of respect. There are many institutions which are offering many Arabic learning courses in Bahrain. These institutions are also offering Arabic learning courses online. Before taking the course, you must have to know what level is appropriate for you. The Arabic learning courses will also help you to understand the Arabic culture and language. The learning process will help you to develop skill in reading, writing and speaking the Arabic language correctly.

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The theme of the course

Here is the overview of the entire course which will help you to understand the course correctly before taking up the course-

●    The course is offered for three years on the 6-semester basis.

●    The admission is taken entirely on the merit list.

●    The student must have completed the 10+2 level or any equivalent examination in the art streams

●    The candidate must have 50% in aggregate

●    No admission or registration fee is required.

●    The total cost of the course ranges from INR 2000 to INR 16000 depending on what level you want to take up.

●    After the course completion, the students are offered jobs as an administrator, translator, business consultant, Arabic study teacher in different business and other institution through placement.

●    The Arabic learning course will help you to provide an opportunity to do business with other countries especially with the Middle East countries where the Arabic language is required the most.

●    It will help you to fill up the vacancies in the jobs which require Arabic learning applicant.

●    It also offers private classes, group courses and online classes for the business and working students who will be unable to attend the classes regularly.

●    The students can also participate in the class at any time according to their preference.

●    It helps to provide the students with lessons in Spoken Arabic and even in Modern Standard Arabic.

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Course description

The Arabic learning courses are different in the different country, which means that the Arabic learning courses follow a different pattern in Bahrain. There are three courses offered in Arabic learning course, and from that, you can choose which one you want to learn:

●    Modern Standard Arabic- to read real estate documents, newspapers, books, magazines you can learn Modern Standard Arabic.

●    Egyptian Arabic- Egyptian Arabic is the most popular language often used by many Television news channels, books, and songs. Many Arabic countries also speak Egyptian Arabic. In the Arab world, it is the most widely used dialect.

●    Bahraini dialect- If you are residing in Bahrain and are not expecting to travel anywhere then you can learn Bahraini dialect as it is the local dialect of Bahrain. It will help you to deal with the local people in Bahrain and also in bartering or to buy things etc.

Teachers from Islamic background are provided to the students so that they can teach appropriately to the students and get the best op

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Who can take this course?

Many people think that learning the Arabic language is complicated and for that one has to be from a Muslim community, but it is entirely wrong. Anyone can learn the Arabic language if they have passed 10+2 or any equivalent examination and got 50% on an average. The course is universally provided to all who have an interest in learning the language. The students may take some time in understanding the sound of the language. The language structure will be fluent to you once you master the writing, alphabet, and pronunciation.

The course for Children

The parents who want their children to learn the Arabic language can admit their student in the course. The teachers take special care, and individual attention is given to one child at a time. Through discussion, storytelling and other innovative ideas are adopted by the teachers who help the children to master in Arabic language and also learn the rich Arabic culture.

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What does the course include?

The Arabic learning course is designed to provide the students the full knowledge of the themes, grammar, and vocabulary of the language. The course covers reading, writing, and grammar practice. It makes the student eligible to understand the basics of the language and also gather enough knowledge to read and write the language. It helps to understand the difference between eastern and western cultures. Exams are also taken at the end of each semester to understand identify the proficiency level of the student, and the teachers try to rectify the mistakes if any.

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More about the course

Arabic learning courses are on high demand nowadays both for the personal and professional field. Many institutions offer Arabic learning courses. The courses include-

●    Basic greeting and introduction

●    Understanding the dialect of other countries.

●    How to order drinks and foods in restaurants.

●    How to ask for transportation and directions.

●    Counting numbers from 1 to 10.

●    Understanding the alphabets properly.

●    Grammar portion includes singular/plural, adjectives along with masculine and feminine gender, pronoun and noun related to the Arabic subject.

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  Introduction to the Arabic cultures

●    How to speak to people in public places.

●    Learning the polite language which is used on an everyday basis.

●    Reading, writing and understanding the Arabic alphabet.

●    For Unfamiliar sounds, weak, strong, short and long sounds particular emphasis is provided.

●    Learning how to join letters to make word or phrases.

●    Listening to comprehensions.

●    Reading Arabic newspaper and magazines.

●    Practical classes are also offered to learn, read, write and speak the language like a pro.

●    Teachers also give the doubt clearing classes at the end of each semester if the students face any problem.

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The significance of learning Arabic by joining the Arabic learning course in Bahrain is as follows-

●    It helps the students to get a job in Middle East countries where there is a lack of Arabic speakers.

●    It is suitable for all types of learner.

●    It helps to understand the Arabic culture which is not well known to many people.

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