learn Arabic alphabet pronunciation


All the words of God that the Angel Gabriel gave to the Prophet Muhammad wrote in a book. Allah gave us a Holy book called the Quran. In the Quran, we can read everything that God tells us. Allah us personally, and to all of Humanity. Therefore in this course, you can learn about different things. Like you can: learn Arabic alphabet pronunciation through Skype Quran classes.

Additionally, as well you can learn Arabic letters and words for kids. In the Quran, we can find the stories of many prophets since God has always sent prophets to men to worship Him only and do well. So, this is the reason that there were many prophets before Muhammad S.A.W.S.

The theme of the Course

If you want to learn Arabic letters for kids, then join the skype Quran classes. The online Islamic Studies program aims to give students a foundation in the intellectual study of Islam, including. Therefore it is not limited to, three lines of research that are available as options. Like: Quran studies, sexuality, gender and feminist studies in Islam and environmental studies in Islam.  However, you can learn Arabic alphabet pronunciation and Arabic letters and words for kids.

The program as a whole oriented towards an analysis of contemporary debates and issues. Those are relating to Muslims around the world. Students will also give the training to handle with the association of Islam. It can be with other faith all the mean by similar courses in other religion. Your skype Quran classes for online and distance learning a will be a tailor-made program. However, an online application can design exclusively for you and your academic advisor.

Arabic letters for beginners Course theme

Our program does not require each student to study the same subjects. And use the same books and study materials as other students. Instead, our online Islamic language Programs are for these people who have inserted in Islam and just for you.

They are independently planned to meet your requirements and assist you to attain your specific and personal objective. Our Arabic alphabet in English course designed just for you. Online courses are individually designed to meet your needs and help you achieve your expert and personal goals. So you are the person who wants to know about the Arabic language without going to any institute then leaning it online is a good option

Description of the Course

Learn Quran in a specialized school in the Arabic language has a lot of benefits. Also one can join skype Quran classes. In addition to the Arabic classes in the mosque, he even opts for the Qur’an classes in a specialist institute of the Quran Arabic. Before the Quran Arabic library, you will have a choice. But you only need one book, the Quran.

To memorize the Holy Book, the classes of Koranic Arabic will have the double advantage. These advantages are making you learn Arabic as well as assimilating the precepts of the Koran at the same time. With intensive programming or classes throughout the year, you will have to demonstrate your ability to memorize.

So it is easy to learn the Arabic alphabet pronunciation. A simple Google search allows you to find numerous structures that offer Islamic science classes. On the Internet, you will find a great offer since it also refers to borrowers who are at a distance. The guidelines, which announce the teaching of all feature of this Arabic language program, civilization, and history, are intermingled with politically correct terminology. But the general objective is clear to inspire in the young an Islamic worldview.

According to the program, pre-school children (3-6 years old) will learn the Islamic faith profession. The Shahada, which emphasizes  “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.” So Shahada is the gateway to Islam: a person becomes a Muslim when he says three-time ‘the Shahada’ in front of a witness. Shahada also encouraged to emulate, “through various forms of expression the values observed in the Prophet

Goals and objectives of the course   

Learn the Arabic alphabet pronunciation in front of the computer: the screen, an open the door to the Islamic world.

  • Learn Arabic with the help of skype Quran classes. This type, of course, offers the possibility of studying the Arabic letters and words for kids.  As well as also provide Qur’an to the people who pretend in the Arab countries without needing to travel. As in the case of learning Arabic alphabet pronunciation, one need not go anywhere and can learn the language by sitting at their home
  • Online Institute: ideal for learning to read Arabic script and receive classes from the Holy Quran. These courses have planned for children and adults. Egyptian professors, experienced and qualified, teach Arabic to an audience that does not speak it.

If you are self-taught and do not want to attend regular classes. At this time the internet offers a wide range of pedagogical practices to learn the language of Allah. By learning Arabic alphabet pronunciation, you will be eligible to learn quarn

On YouTube, there are videos of initiation to classes for advanced in Tajwid and Quran Arabic.

There are many ways to learn Arabic alphabet pronunciation to read and write Quran Arabic. The Book of God will have no secret for you. To go further in your formation, make spiritual journeys to the Arab countries.

Visit the Middle East or the countries of the Maghreb. Discover the grand mosques and be bilingual and a specialist in the Quran. In short, an authentic pilgrimage of modern times!

Arabic letters and words for kids

Therefore, if you want your kid to learn the Arabic alphabet pronunciation. Then skype Quran classes are best to show them from basic. One can find lots of simple Arabic letters and words for kids who help them to learn this language quickly. Many online courses specially planned for the kids. And these courses contain simple Arabic letters and words for kids

Who should take this course?

This online Arabic course is for anyone. If you want your kid to learn the Arabic alphabet pronunciation to memorize Arabic letters and words. Then it is best to show them after the age of 5 when they start to go to school.