Al-Azhar Classes Teaching International Scholarship Application

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching is an online academy that deals with modern teaching methods for all non-Arabic Muslim speakers who want to learn Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies over the internet. At Al-Azhar Quran Teaching, we teach Holy Quran, Islamic studies and Arabic through the instinctive Arabic speaking instructors who are the graduates of Al-Azhar University, one of the greatest prevalent and credible Islamic institutions in the world. 

AL-Azhar Quran Teaching pleased enough to honor the determination of young people between the ages of five and twenty-one all over the world. Each year, Al-Azhar Quran Teaching, an Egypt-based educational organization, pursues to distinguish and reward the young students aged 5-21 who are looking for an understanding of the Quran and the Arabic language.

Benefits of the scholarship program:

  • Scholarships make education easier to access and complete.
  • Students that earn the scholarships can access wide financial support.
  • Scholarships benefit your network of work.
  • Contributes your resume to an enhancement and boost of character.
  • Scholarships encourage philanthropy and generosity among people.
  • scholarships play an important part when you are getting admission to further colleges 
  • Additional experience and understanding.

Prizes for the scholarship winners

Winners of the scholarship program collect a cash prize of 500$ or a cash prize of 250$ with a 25% discount on six months of education with Al-Azhar Quran Teaching and a special certificate of achievement, along with public acknowledgment on our website and in other places like this.


Winners will collect these prizes and many more benefits:

    • Public recognition
    • $500 cash prize/ 250$ cash prize with a 25% discount on 6-month education at al-Azhar Quran Teaching.

Apply now to win

    • Are you presently taking part in a program to learn the Quran or the Arabic language at a school or university?
    • Or are you familiar with someone who is doing so?
    • If yes, then rush and apply before the time runs out and ask your friends to do so too.

Read the subsequent application procedures carefully and check to see if you are appropriate to apply to become a hero of Al-Azhar Quran Teaching.

How to enter the competition?

It is a very simple procedure. Just a few steps to let you in with us.

You can join the competition by contributing your original work including any of the following:

    1. Write a two hundred and fifty (250) words essay that debates one of the important attributes of the Holy Quran.
    2. Design a drawing or infographic that demonstrates any vital concept of Islam related to Aqedah (creed) or Ibadah (e.g., fasting, zakat, prayer, and hajj).
    3. Record a video of yourself reciting any five versus from the Holy Quran following proper Tajweed rules.
    4. Candidates must be between the ages of five and twenty up to December 31st, 2020.

Announcement of the winner

    1. The winner will be declared on January 6th, 2021 and a check/money transfer will be delivered with the prize amount of $250 + 25% discount for studying Arabic and Islamic studies online at Al-Azhar Quran Teaching for 6 months or a cash prize of $500 only.
    2. Applicants must be officially enrolled in a school or university and actively taking a course in the Arabic language or Islamic studies.


The applications will be judged according to the given criteria, including but not limited to:

  • Uniqueness of their work.
  • Struggle in the work.
  • Credibility of the organization they studied in.
  • The length of time they were enthusiastic about the project.
  • Tendency of influencing/educating other people.

Our task is to support Non- Arabic Muslim speakers to be able to read and speak Arabic and the Quran fluently and we look forward to supporting young students from all around the world with a desire to learn Arabic and the Quran. 

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The applicant must be between the ages of five to twenty-one.
  2. Applicants must be registered in a school or a university and actively studying Arabic or Islamic studies there.
  3. The applicant must have submitted an essay of up to 250 words on any of the important attribute of the Holy Quran, 
  4. Any infographic on Aqedah or Ibadat 
  5. A short video of the applicant’s recitation of any five verses from the Holy Quran with proper Tajweed.
  6. To Learn Quran online free you should be consistent for all the classes as we will be paying for your every class to the teacher who will be your teacher for the classes.
  7. There will be a specific quota for each session and if there are slots offered for free classes then we will program your free online Quran classes, else you have to hold your fire and we will program you in the subsequent session.
  8. Your payment to learn Quran online free will be compensated from our donation and you necessarily be eligible for the donation as well and obtain the donation.

*For any other queries, please contact the Al-Azhar Quran Teaching Institute at

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Contact Information

USA / CANADA +1 813-579-5713 

UK +4420 3289 2960

AUS +61 2 8007 3103


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